An artist's impression of the new-look Friarsgate development

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A Lichfield residents’ group have welcomed “more feasible” plans for the Friarsgate redevelopment. Lichfield District Council has recently unveiled the latest vision for the long-awaited city centre revamp.
An artist’s impression of the new-look Friarsgate development
Beacon Street Area Residents’ Association (BSARA) had called for a rethink on previous plans. In its latest newsletter to locals, the group says the current version of Friarsgate looks to be more realistic.
An artist’s impression of the new-look Friarsgate development
“Having viewed the latest plans, we are of the opinion that they are far more feasible,” a spokesperson said. “We especially welcome the idea of creating more city centre housing.” They are now encouraging more local residents to examine the plans and have their say. “We are still concerned about the management of the highway infrastructure, which still needs a lot more careful thought,” the spokesperson added. “The buildings themselves seem a little boring in design, but we would encourage all to express their own views.”


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5 replies on “Lichfield group welcomes “more feasible” Friarsgate plans”

  1. I believe the artist impression for the look of the buildings is nice and modern but not in keeping with the architecture of Lichfield. As someone who has moved to the area in recent years it is the architecture and history that I love about the city, while I’m all for the development as the facilities within it are much needed, I’m not keen on the design of the buildings. It looks very much like the development at West Bromwich, and with all respect to West Brom, I chose to live here. I love modern architecture but this design is just not doing it for me I’m afraid.

  2. I have to agree with Emma – the designs do not appear to be entirely in keeping with that of a small Cathedral city like ours. It all looks very ‘generic’ as is becoming the case with most large UK city centres! I am sure with a little more thought and creativity the look feel could be much improved!

  3. I love contemporary design mixed with beautiful historic buildings. This doesn’t go far enough for me. The Selfridges buliding in Birmingham is a fabulous iconic example. Who wants another “mock Georgian” building? Lichfield needs to be careful though and not get caught in a compromise debate as some recent choices, such as the carbuncle of a development on The Friary by the Clock Tower has created a legacy that town planners should be ashamed of. Shocking town planning in a beautiful part of our lovely city. Quality is the key with this retail development. Build quality and populate it with outstanding retail and leisure experiences and people will come from
    afar and contribute to the economic prosperity of our very lovely Lichfeld. This is a great opportunity, be brave town planners ….don’t blow it!

  4. It reminds me of the pond and bridge they had in the 60s in Lichfield 3 spires area. I do like the double frontage and I look forward to seeing the end result. Lets just hope its not a nice brand new centre with all the stores laying empty.

  5. I think the removal of Tempest Ford from being the first thing you see when you step out from the train station is excellent news. I’ve always thought that area should be redeveloped as apartments to bring residents closer to the City Centre.

    The redevelopment of Bkers Lnae is good news too as this is looking very dated and a bit shabby for the likes of Lichfield.

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