Emily Boolan with Cllr Natasha Pullen

Generous shoppers donated over a quarter of a tonne of food to a Burntwood food bank in just six hours.

Emily Boolan, from Morrisons, teamed up with Boney Hay Conservative councillor Natasha Pullen to organise the collection.

Emily Boolan with Cllr Natasha Pullen
They set up a collection point in the entrance and filled five trollies with donations, including breakfast cereals, pasta, milk, sugar, fruit juices, tea, coffee and other non-perishable foods.

Cllr Pullen said: “I am absolutely overwhelmed at the generosity of the customers who I met.

“We had a steady flow of people donating throughout the day – it was really incredible”.

The superstore has now agreed to continue to accept donations due to the success of the collection day.

Emily said: “We are so pleased that our customers donated so freely on Saturday.

“We are keen to support the local community and, due to the success of our temporary collection, we will now be installing a permanent collection point in partnership with the Trussell Trust.”

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