Cllr John Brooks

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A Labour councillor in Lichfield has claimed the Tories aren’t looking out for the poorest members of society.
Cllr John Brooks
Cllr John Brooks, a Labour party representative for Curborough on Lichfield City Council, points to the fact that more than 1,000 people have used Lichfield’s food bank since its launch last year. And he has urged Labour supporters to back Jeremy Corbyn in the party’s leadership ballot, insisting he can stand up for society’s vulnerable in the face of austerity. “I don’t know how some Conservatives go to bed at night with a clear conscience when their party is cutting welfare and is completely content with people needing to use food banks to feed their families. “The Tories and others in our society need to be convinced that Jeremy’s policies are in the best interests of us all.”

Lewis Deakin

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