Jeremy Corbyn. Pic: Garry Knight
Jeremy Corbyn would reinvigorate disenfranchised voters across Lichfield and Burntwood if he is elected as Labour leader, according to a local party activist.
Jeremy Corbyn. Pic: Garry Knight
During elections held earlier this year turnout across the area fell by 10%. The figures led former Class War party parliamentary candidate Andy Bennetts to declare his campaign urging people not to vote a “success”. And Darius Wilson, who stood as a Lichfield District Council candidate for Summerfield & All Saints ward, believes Mr Corbyn will offer voters an alternative to “Tory austerity”.
Darius Wilson
He said: “Labour has a lot of support in Lichfield and Burntwood, but that backing did not translate into votes. There is a lot of apathy and disillusionment among our natural supporters. “Jeremy is a man of principle and integrity. I believe he represents hope for a large number of voters who felt disenfranchised at the last election. He is clearly offering something different to the illogical policy of austerity being pursed by this government.” Mr Wilson, a lifelong Labour supporter, said the Islington MP would tackle chronic underinvestment in health, education, jobs and infrastructure in the city. He believes his party is on the verge of something “very exciting” if Mr Corbyn is elected as the next leader on September 12. The Labour activist said: “Like the rest of Britain, Lichfield and Burntwood is being starved of investment in health, education, jobs and infrastructure. Jeremy is proposing to invest money in these areas instead of giving it to banks to pay out in bonuses. “I’m incredibly optimistic about the challenges facing Labour over the next five years. I’ve seen something very exciting happening across the country during this campaign.”

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