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Labour could topple the Tory domination in Lichfield with the right candidate, a local Labour activist has claimed.
Chris Worsey
Chris Worsey stood against Conservative MP Michael Fabricant at the general election in May, reclaiming second place from the Lib Dems but still falling 18,000 votes short of a victory. But Joshua Bell, who stood for Labour as a Lichfield District Council candidate for Longdon, believes clawing back such a big majority isn’t beyond the realms of possibility. “Lichfield had one of the best Labour candidates around in my opinion,” said Mr Bell. “Chris worked tirelessly to promote the Labour Party across the city. We could not have hoped for a better candidate. “But we need to be ahead nationally – and well ahead. If we can do that and couple it with another engaging Labour candidate, then you never know.” As well as finishing second to the Conservatives in the general election, the Labour party didn’t fare well in the local elections either, landing just four seats out of 47 on Lichfield District Council. Mr Bell added: “Given the national swing to the Conservatives, the election results were not a surprise.
Joshua Bell
“We had some excellent local candidates, but the politics of the time was just not with us. “I don’t agree on many issues with Michael Fabricant, but I trust him to continue to represent Lichfield in the very best way he can. “I do think his opposition to HS2 and continual promotion of our city is admirable.” With the national picture having an impact on local results, Mr Bell has already urged party members not to back leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn. But he insists that whatever the result of the Labour ballot on September 12, he will continue to fight for the party’s traditional values. “Labour stands up for the most vulnerable in society, champions our NHS and has fairness and equality at its heart,” he said. “My party means a great deal to me, and I’ll strive to become more involved in the future.”

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3 replies on “Activist insists right Labour candidate could topple Tory domination in Lichfield”

  1. Ah, young Josh doesn’t know Fab as well as I do but I’m sure he can get an alternative view at his next surgery or at his local Constituency office. Oh no, just remembered that the Member for Lichfield doesn’t have these basic facilities for his constituents.

  2. But somehow we’ve muddled through.
    Thank goodness for these newfangled telephone thingies, I hear that there are some latest models that you can actually take out of the house – with you – in your pocket!
    I’ll believe THAT when I see it.
    Some wag will try and convince us that there’s an electronicmail method of communication next, as if?

  3. Given his ringing endorsement of Michael Fabricant and his opposition to Jeremy Corbyn one can’t but wonder if Mr Bell is wearing the right rosette.

    Perhaps if Corbyn wins next week he might consider doing what many Tory-lite members of the Labour Party will no doubt end up doing and switch to full strength Conservatism?

    Labour’s failure in Lichfield at the last general election had nothing to do with candidate selection and everything to do with Labour being a muddied, muddled mess with no clear direction or policies.

    Ironically for Mr Bell it may well end up being Mr Corbyn’s selection as leader that gives Labour the boost it needs locally to counter Tory dominance of this seat.

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