Jeremy Corbyn. Pic: Garry Knight
A Lichfield Labour activist believes left-wing leadership frontrunner Jeremy Corbyn has the British establishment “running scared”.
Jeremy Corbyn. Pic: Garry Knight
The Islington MP has been criticised for saying that the death of terrorist Osama Bin Laden was a “tragedy” and that he should have been put on trial first. But Darius Wilson, who stood as a Lichfield District Council candidate for Summerfield & All Saints ward, believes the “hysterical” coverage is a sign of the impact Mr Corbyn is having.
Darius Wilson
He said: “It is clear from the hysterical response from the media that he has the establishment very worried.” Mr Wilson admitted that he was disappointed by Labour’s results in the local election, where they won just four seats on Lichfield District Council. But he insisted it hadn’t put him off standing in future. “It was an honour to be selected as a candidate for the local elections,” he said. “We worked incredibly hard on our campaign, so it was devastating to lose so many excellent long-serving councillors. “I would love to stand again if selected.”

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One reply on “Lichfield Labour activist insists Jeremy Corbyn has the British establishment running scared”

  1. I think we all have a duty to check our facts personally and not rely on hearsay from papers with an agenda:

    Corbyn didn’t say Bin Laden’s “death” was a tragedy.

    It was sending a death squad rather than having a trial, on top of all the previous “war on terror” tragedies: Invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, attacks on the Twin Towers, that constituted a series of tragedies.

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