Cllr Jeff Sheriff
The Green Party in Lichfield and Burntwood has hit back at UKIP’s reaction to an appeal for refugees to be given housing in the area. An online petition has called for Lichfield District Council to offer accommodation for 10 families. But UKIP county councillor Jeff Sheriff, who has represented Burntwood South since 2013, has blasted the Greens for what he claims is their “emotional stupidity” on the issue.
Cllr Jeff Sheriff
He added: “I reject the Green Party’s emotional call for Lichfield and Burntwood to take in refugees. The Greens do not think things through – in my opinion they are a stupid and irrational party.”
Simon Partridge
But Simon Partridge, local Green branch spokesman, said the UKIP councillor had misunderstood the issues. “Mr Sheriff is confusing immigration and asylum,” he said. “People are not leaving their countries because they don’t like their homes – they are fleeing war and persecution. “I would refute all of his accusations – our response to the crisis has been to call on Prime Minister David Cameron to take in more refugees, because we are a caring party who cares deeply about all people.”

Lewis Deakin

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2 replies on “Green Party blast UKIP councillor’s reaction to refugee petition”

  1. These refugees deserve to be placed in towns where people will welcome them. I really feel for them if they’re going to be moved to town’s where people look down on them and disrespect them.

  2. The Greens are a “stupid and irrational party” – is parody ad infinitum.

    These white, aged, deeply regressive, blinkered men are the problem. The sooner they are gone, the better.

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