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The father of a three-year-old boy who died after drowning on a refugee boat should take the blame, according to the chairman of the Lichfield and Burntwood branch of UKIP. Alan Kurdi’s death made headlines around the world after images of his body washed up on a Turkish beach were published. The news of the death of Alan, his brother and mother led to increased calls on the UK government to take in more refugees. A petition has been launched calling on Lichfield District Council to offer a home to ten families. But Peter Cope, chairman of the local UKIP branch, believes public sympathy is misplaced – and says that the boy’s father Abdullah is responsible for his children and wife’s deaths. “The Prime Minister has only agreed to take in refugees because he has been harassed about the drowned three-year-old,” said Mr Cope. “The response has been a knee jerk reaction from Cameron. He needs to stop being so weak and actually stand up to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “We have youngsters who have died from cancer in Lichfield and Burntwood, but local people aren’t getting up in arms about that. “The father of that little boy is to blame – he got him killed. “The family were in Turkey, which isn’t a warzone. Islamic State as far as I’m aware isn’t active in Turkey. The country is well protected because they have a strong military. “But still he put them onto a boat and into danger.”

Lewis Deakin

NCTJ-trained reporter with experience in a wide variety of journalism settings.

16 replies on “Lichfield UKIP chairman says refugee Alan Kurdi’s father is to blame for his death”

  1. The lad’s name wasn’t Alan, it was Aylan.

    It is true, the family had left Kobani – a bombed out ruin- and gone to Turkey. It’s a terrible crime, not being happy to simply exist, to want to get to Canada and a life worth living where the family had relatives.

    How any of this relates to the tragic deaths of children from cancer, I don’t know. Is this statement from UKIP a prelude to a policy on cancer care? Of course it isn’t, it’s just another demonstration of their distinct lack of empathy for refugees and cancer sufferers. Vile.

  2. Is this the UKIPs equivalent of ‘flying ant day’, where they all crawl out of their holes and irritate everyone? All we need now is for the Pub Landlord John Rackham to read aloud his take on international politics and current affairs. Perhaps he could oblige at this evening’s (Tuesday) meeting of Lichfield Discovered at the Kings Head 7.30pm. No to be missed…

  3. Seems they’d already been declined admission to Canada and if they wanted to get to Germany they could have applied at the German embassy in Turkey, where they were under no threat.
    The father chose to try and get his family into Greece illegally. There’s a degree of parental responsibility in that behaviour.

  4. Love the analogy @fivespireslive.

    Just a shame that anyone can be so uncaring. I think we’ve all done things we regret, but very few (thankfully) with such results.

    I’m sure he blames himself by the minute, and will continue to ask himself questions for the rest of his days.

    But he doesn’t need idiots saying it’s a kneejerk reaction.

    It’s a humanitarian issue that we should be pleased to assist where we can, in a similar way to providing charitable relief where required.

    If this is the UkIP stance, I wish they’d drop UK from their name.

  5. I was really appalled at the way the Mainstream sensationalised the image of a drowned child, targeting it at every opportunity they could. By the end of the last week I was suffering with emotional overload, it appears that they (the media) knew exactly what they were doing. Anyhow, the Ukip Chairman is correct in what he says about the tragedy being the fault of the Father’s; if it wasn’t his fault then who’s fault was it? Yours, mine? Snippets of information are now emerging that enables the full story to be gleaned. The Family had been in Turkey since 2012; the Father had had a job; the Aunt had been arranging visas for Canada and was sending regular money, and the best or worst of it was that the Father wanted a set of implanted teeth and had purchased a life jacket for himself but not for his family. Oh and the dinghy wasn’t even sea-worthy. I think that I’ll stop there….

  6. A lot of soshul meedja chirpers defending the father are the same crowd who were laying into Cameron a couple of years back for leaving his child in a restaurant.
    I guess no circumstances are too desperate for the left to try and exploit.

  7. The family first came to Turkey three years ago, returned to Syria earlier this year and were soon bombed out again. They hadn’t applied to get into Canada, the relative in Canada had tried to get other family members in but failed because they had no passports and could not get an exit visa from Turkey, something that is almost impossible to get. They were living under assumed names to try to avoid reprisals for their ethnicity.

    However misguided the attempt to get into Europe may have been, whatever the reasons, whatever the blame the father must carry for the death of his children. That is one family and doesn’t diminish the fact that hundreds of thousands of other families have been displaced in Syria, have nowhere to go, almost no possessions, and they are mostly going to get to Europe by any means they can or die in the attempt.

    That is the reality that needs dealing with.

  8. Thanks Chris but you can’t get around the fact that the Father is to blame for the death of his family, which means that the Ukip bloke is correct in his statement.What else can I say; 2+2 =5?

  9. Yes, that comment is correct. Unnecessary, probably even a little crass in, but factually correct.

    The next line is where the problem comes however, the implication that the Prime Minister has only agreed to let any Syrians into the UK because of the photo, therefore as the photo is not representative of the actual problem he shouldn’t let any in.

    The next line is even more bizarre, Merkel has nothing to do with it. Is Cameron being week by bowing to public demand because of the photo, or is it Angela Merkel making him do it?

    Cope is trying to use this one instance as a reason to deny tens of thousands. That doesn’t make any sense at all.

  10. Having re-read the piece I see what you mean. The whole article is a bit disjointed though. Where did Mr Cope’s statement originate? Was it a press release or a speech he gave or in answer to a question? Was he misreported? Whatever, all Political Parties these days seem to indulge in this shallow, soundbite language.

  11. He’s right – why is any of this OUR fault or OUR problem. There’s an entire world out there that we are constantly being berated into believing is MULTICULTURAL but the truth is – IT’S NOT. Muslim countries don’t take or help christian refugees, asia, africa, south america – where’s everybody else? Why should Europe take 5 million sunni muslim refugees when they are responsible for the entire problem? So they can come here and start killing us too?

    The turks murdered every last Christian down to a paltry 55,000 Assyrians and 5,000 Armenian Christians and still to this day are systematically destroying them by taking land upon which 1,500 monasteries sit – claiming that the CHRISTIANS ARE OCCUPIERS and should not be allowed to keep property they have owned and maintained for a thousand years before the muslim turks attacked and stole that land! The turks also killing millions of Christians in what is now SYRIA. OF COURSE they hate Assad – he allowed Christians to live in peace!!! LET TURKEY TAKE ALL THE REFUGEES

  12. The family already had permanent residency in Turkey and no reason to leave, HE PAID 5,000 EUROS TO SMUGGLERS to ‘get them out’ why didn’t he spend an extra 10 bucks on lifejackets????? How did he somehow survive? Was HE wearing a lifejacket? They said his wife couldn’t even swim and was afraid to go – but he didn’t get her one either.

    From what I’ve read the only reason they were leaving is because he had bad teeth and wanted to go to someplace he could get them fixed for free.

    After at least 100,000 children have already died, the majority of whom are probably Christian or Shiite – why on earth should Europe open the floodgates to allow in 1000s of thousands more sunni muslims?

  13. “He’s right – why is any of this OUR fault or OUR problem”
    By ‘OUR’ I assume you don’t mean humanity, which is a shame, because that would be a good position to take.

  14. @rebecca smith… The issue has never been about the refugees being Muslim. Why would it be a problem if they’re Muslim? Are they more worth saving if they were Christian?

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