Cllr Pam Stokes and Cllr Richard Mosson signing the lease on the Old Mining College Centre in 2015

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Burntwood Town Council has officially taken on the Old Mining College Centre. It had previously been managed by Lichfield District Council but has now been transferred.
Burntwood Town Council chair Pam Stokes and leader Richard Mosson signing the lease on the Old Mining College Centre
As part of the agreement, Burntwood Town Council will relocate its offices to the Queen Street site next March. A spokesperson said: “Members of the council are keen to see the Old Mining College Centre develop as a vibrant community hub for the town.” Discussions have also been had about moving a police presence into the building.


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2 replies on “Burntwood Town Council officially takes over Old Mining College Centre”

  1. Don’t get too excited yet. There are a lot of things and issues to sort out. Not least the Staffing Structure and the operation of the centre. We need to make sure we do all we can to satisfy everyone including current user groups.

  2. We wanted and indeed needed to take this over after the slow lingering death in Tory Lichfield District Council’s hands. Burntwood Park next but with no multi million pound grant as for Beacon Park? So Burntwood taxpayers will be paying extra to look after them?

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