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David Cameron should tell German chancellor Angela Merkel to “f*** off” when dealing with the refugee crisis, according to the chairman of the Lichfield and Burntwood UKIP branch. More than €6billion (£4.4billion) has been allocated by the German government to deal with a influx of 800,000 refugees. Mr Cameron has informed the House of Commons that the United Kingdom will accept 20,000 refugees from camps bordering Syria over the next five years, but reports have suggested that the Germans have told the Prime Minister that his renegotiation ahead of the EU referendum vote depends on Britain resettling displaced Syrians. And French president Francois Hollande believes without a unified European policy to disperse refugees across the 28 EU member states, the borderless Schengen agreement would collapse.
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But Peter Cope, chairman of the Lichfield and Burntwood branch of UKIP, says Angela Merkel would not have dared make such a demand if she was dealing with Nigel Farage. He added: “We’re not a part of the Schengen agreement, so we actually don’t have to take in any refugees. “If Merkel says we have to take them in then I would tell her to f*** o** – can you imagine what would have happened if she had made those demands to Nigel instead of Cameron? “The German chancellor knows Cameron is desperate to keep Britain in Europe, so that when he steps down at the next election he can become a European Commissioner. “All local and national politicians are interested in is power. They don’t care at all about the public.” The UKIP chairman also questioned why the Government was using the foreign aid budget to house refugees and not tackle issues at home. He said: “We are cutting schools and turning them into free schools or academies, which is another Conservative con. “The Tories are cutting back on the NHS, and this is all because we haven’t got any money, but we can still spend £12billion a year on foreign aid. “Chancellor George Osborne is having to use the foreign aid money, because that is the only way he can afford to house the refugees that will be coming into the country.”

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  1. Who is this Peter Cope? Surely if it were true that he said such a thing he would be asked to resign? I cannot see how he would be representing anyone with such a vile attitude.

  2. I agree with Peter Cope, if more MPs stood up to the EU bullies we wouldn’t be inundated with immigrants from every corner of the earth. How many Syrians are the Belgiums taking? – they seem exempt from their own rules

  3. @Englishvoice We’re hardly inundated with immigrants. what’s your problem with immigrants anyway, have they done something to upset you? Anyway, this article is taking about refugees and not immigrants, they couldn’t be more different.

  4. Britain should be welcoming of genuine asylum seekers. There are a couple of reasons why attitudes seem to be hardening:
    last year alone Britain took 650,000 economic migrants with a net migration of c.350,000. For a small nation already struggling with housing,public services and infrastructure this number is not sustainable year on year and means people in the UK are less receptive to the idea of more ‘immigrants’ in the shape of refugees!
    This is compounded by the complete open door policy of the likes of Germany which has seen all but the removal of any basic boarder checks to validate who is actually a genuine asylum seeker and who is simply an economic migrant jumping on the bandwagon!

  5. There nothing wrong with migrants. A migrant is simply somebody migrating to another country for work. Do you you have the same problem with English migrants moving abroad to work?

    The UK is not struggling with housing either. There is simply a demand which is being addresses with the country making a lot of money out of the situation which is surely the whole point. If there was no demand for housing or infrastructure then that is when we would be in trouble.

  6. The UK is struggling with housing, but that’s a separate issue. Local authorities have not been able to fund social housing and commercial house builders have understandably controlled supply of new builds to maximise profit.
    House prices are rising as a function of lack of supply. People are rightly cautious after the Fall, they would rather invest in home improvements than risk moving to bigger homes and bigger mortgages.
    The Second Wave of house price collapse is on the horizon.

  7. Hes right, Merkle should not make such demands on countries and she has seriously messed up Germany by opening the boarders and allowing everyone into Germany. What was she thinking. Now she has demanded that the EU countries take the refugees she invited to Germany. How about NO MERKLE… SOD OFF

  8. Actually there are problems with imigrants, Merkle had to call in the army to cope with them rioting there, they ahve been rioting in most of the EU as soon as they landed in Greece, Germany and Spain adn continue to do so through out the EU. Some the the immigrants that have been with us a while have started attcking us in unprovoked racially motivated attacks her in the UK.

  9. its quite plain to see that there are a lot of gilible people on here, they may be some refugees among them but mainly you are looking at immigrants, young healthy fit single males that should be fighting for their country and not running from it

  10. I think that I’ve already said before that this is a European existential threat not a local Lichfield problem. Estimates are emerging from the UN that over 70% of the 400,000 migrants taken in by Germany are Men. Young Men!! Is there anyone out there who doesn’t think that this is somehow suspect? Come on Liberals convince me that it isn’t. I believe that Germany has now ‘closed’ its border with Austria because it cannot cope. It will only take one shipment of arms to now get through (one has already been stopped) for the barbarism to begin!!

  11. There are half a million Syrians in Europe, four million in other middle East countries, and seven and a half million displaced in Syria. Over half the population of the country have left their homes and you think most of them are just on the take?

  12. @medusa… If ISIS had invaded England or and destroyed your home or England was caught up in civil war and you decided you couldn’t stay there any longer as it was too unsafe for you and your family havimg lost everything you owned. How would you feel if having reached Germany or France after weeks of travelling they told you to sod off?

  13. @FiveSpiresLive… Social housing is a different matter to housing in general. Yes of course businesses are going to try to maximise profit, that’s the whole point but houses are affordable for the majority of people.mif they weren’t then no houses would ever sell.

    If I’m not mistaken, housing developers have to ensure a percentage of houses on a new development are given up for social housing. This social housing is not specially built but is incorporated into the same scheme which prevents poorly made houses being built and allows people on low incomes to live amongst people earning more and helps integrate classes.

    The financial crash wasn’t caused by high house prices but by lending people money who couldn’t pay it back.

  14. What people don’t seem to realise is that we are being manipulated into caring about Syria. If it was just about refugees then what about the 1 million Rawandans that died over a 100 days, ignored & hardly reported. difference is Syria unlike Rawandans has oil – & that’s why we are told to care. All those people that said we should help refugees, why not drive around until you find a homeless person and take them into your home – surely they are in desperate need? But no one does, especially those that make the loudest noise about wanting to help those in need. We are £1.5 Trillion in a debt which increases by £5k every second, 1.8 million on social housing list and thousands homeless on our streets, there are desperate people in this country. Besides, Oil rich countries like Saudi, Qatar UAE & Kuwait refuse to take a single refugee – but we should? The UK gives £1 billion a month in foreign aid, more than all other EU countries combined – aren’t we doing too much at the expense of our schools, hospitals and our kids which will still be paying off the debt our leaders have dumped on them when they approach retirement

  15. Okay, aimed at no one in particular, can I just throw this question out on the ‘table’:

    How many people would YOU let into Europe when there are unlimited numbers waiting to come in?

    It’s not a trick question, I am genuinely interested.

  16. In England there are currently over six hundred thousand empty homes. More of the country is given over to golf courses than housing. Just 2.27% of England is built on in anyway. We have an aging population that demands more people working to care for it and to pay for it. We need more workers, no matter where they come from, and more workers require more housing to be built, infrastructure to be improved or created, new schools and hospitals which require building, staffing, maintaining, all of which would cause the economy to grow.

    Think small, stifle what you do and nothing will grown. Think big, open up, grow.

  17. Not sure the 2.27% figure is quite right:
    Probably the best recent survey of land use across the UK is the National Ecosystem Assessment, which concludes that 10.6 per cent of England is classified as “urban”.
    The figures for the rest of the UK are much lower – 4.1 per cent of Wales, 3.6 per cent of Northern Ireland and just 1.9 per cent of Scotland are made up of urban areas. So the average figure for the UK as a whole is 6.8 per cent.
    What about all the land unsuitable to be built on, hill/mountain/national park/floodplain/farmland! Even at the numbers above the UK is already the most populated major nation in Europe.
    Economic growth should not be the end in itself but the means to a better quality of living. Concreting over the UK is not likely to achieve this!

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