The chairman of UKIP in Lichfield and Burntwood has been told he is living in “his own fantasy land” after accusing the area’s Conservative MP of being two-faced over his views on Europe.
Michael Fabricant
Michael Fabricant has spoken about his Euroscepticism in the past and outlined what he believes needs to happen for the out campaign to win the EU referendum. But Peter Cope, chairman of the local UKIP branch, said he believed the Tory MP was actually in favour of maintaining Britain’s relationship with Brussels. “People get on with Michael, but he is a two-faced politician,” he said. “Michael says he would vote to leave the Europe Union, but he has refused to share a public platform with UKIP. “If he was committed to getting Britain out of Europe then he would campaign with us.” But Mr Fabricant laughed off the UKIP accusations. “I truly don’t know what Peter is talking about,” said the Lichfield MP. “I haven’t refused anything. “I actually suggested to John Rackham UKIP’s parliamentary candidate at the general election months ago that we could do just that. “I think Mr Cope is living in his own fantasy land.”

Lewis Deakin

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