Cllr John Mills
A UKIP councillor says he intends to vote against joining the proposed West Midlands combined authority in October. Lichfield District Council will decide next month whether or not to join the group. Conservative leader Mike Wilcox has insisted the agreement will not see Lichfield and Burntwood governed from Birmingham. But Cllr John Mills, UKIP representative for Fazeley, believes a West Midlands link-up would take democratic accountability away from local residents.
Cllr John Mills
Cllr Mills pointed to Manchester, which rejected an elected mayor in 2012 only to have an interim one appointed three years later. He explained: “I will be voting against the West Midlands link-up in October. “We don’t need another layer of government bureaucracy that will take democratic accountability even further away from the public. “Manchester voted against having an elected mayor in 2012, and yet three years later they had one who was initially unelected. “The Government haven’t listened to the people of Manchester, and that is another reason as to why I will be voting against the West Midlands link-up. “But I am sure the Conservative ruling group will get their way on it.”

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2 replies on “Fazeley UKIP councillor to vote against joining West Midlands combined authority”

  1. While I disagree that combined authority will take away accountability from councillors, i do fear that combined authority will pull Lichfield under the influence of this Labour run area. I believe Lichfield’s green fields will be exploited if Birmingham and Wolverhampton have their way. They have absolutely no allegiance to Lichfield and will have no problem in bulldozing our heritage.

  2. Having researched more into the combined ‘authority’ I can see that this has nothing to do with this being an ‘authority’ at all and Lichfield will remain sovereign.

    While the make up of Staffordshire as a county may change forever, Lichfield and surrounding towns and villages may benefit from closer economic links with Birmingham. Seeing as most residents work in the district or the West Midlands area rather than in Staffordshires county town, Stafford, it would seem more sensible.

    Sorry, I’ve had a complete U-turn on my views but only after gaining more knowledge of the topic and information from Mr Fabricant to whom I’m grateful.

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