Footballs. Pic: Steven Depolo

A report says Lichfield District Council remains committed to providing local sports facilities.

The local authority has recently completed an asset transfer of the Hospital Road playing fields in Burntwood.

Burntwood Dragons and Burntwood Phoenix have taken over the site, leaving other football clubs which had previously played there having to find a new home.

But the council’s Infrastructure Delivery Plan (IDP) – which will be discussed at a scrutiny meeting tomorrow – insists the local authority is still keen to support local sports clubs.

“The Playing Pitch Strategy has analysed local need, demand and potential participation rates relating to the main sports played and identifies areas of shortfall, of under-use and areas where provision could be improved,” the report says.

“Investment in playing pitch facilities serves a much more strategic need as many facilities serve a number of clubs and organisations.

“The strategy aims to ensure that there are sufficient pitches and courts to cater for demand for both matches and training, that facilities are of the required quality and to facilitate club development and participation at all levels.”

The IDP also calls for lesser-known sports to be catered for too.

It explains: “Although the Playing Pitch Strategy focuses upon the main sports, other sporting and recreational facilities should also be supported where appropriate to ensure that all residents, employees and visitors have a wide range of opportunities to participate in sport and physical activity.

“This could include provision for croquet, American Football, cycling, walking, skateboarding and outdoor gyms.”

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