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Anyone going to Lichfield Garrick Youth Theatre’s production this week expecting to witness the company’s usual all-singing, all-dancing kind of show would, I feel, have been disappointed. But anyone (like me) expecting a quality performance of a show which requires strong acting and singing talent, got what they paid for – and more. Ghost the Musical not only needs good singers in the lead roles, but requires those with a high level of acting ability. And director Richard Poynton, with assistant Jessica Long, brought out the very best in the young people taking on the roles which held the whole story together. Dominic Sterland as Sam and Lydia Gardiner as Molly turned in performances which wouldn’t have disgraced any professional stage. They brought out the joy and the sadness of the two lovers caught up in this’ timeless fantasy about the power of love’. Wonderful performances. Will Stevenson as Carl, the ‘friend’ who arranged Sam’s murder, again showed great acting ability as well as a good singing voice. And I loved Gus Wade’s Hospital Ghost and Esme Wade as the Subway Ghost – a talented family. And almost stealing the show was Lucy Foley as Oda May Brown, the dodgy psychic who can see and hear the ghost of Sam. This young performer captured the part and made it her own and proved she was ideally cast in this comedy role. Nathan De Georgi as the killer Willie Lopez and Hattie Rumsey and Ava Taroni as Oda Mae’s sidekicks, simply added even more talent to this excellent cast. The show was performed with back projections (no scenery is available, it appears) and LGYT’s superb technical team are to be congratulated on their excellent work. Jessica Lambert’s choreography linked the scenes beautifully and Oliver Rowe’s Musical Direction was, as ever, first class. One small criticism – on occasion the dialogue was almost drowned out by the orchestra – a shame but it didn’t spoil the overall enjoyment of the show. Congratulations to everyone concerned with this production.