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A Burntwood Labour councillor claims the Conservatives at Lichfield District Council have failed to stand up for low-paid workers.
The offices of Lichfield District Council. Pic: Lichfield District Council
Cllr Diane Evans believes all of the local authority’s employees should be earning the current living wage rate of £7.85.
Cllr Diane Evans
And she said it was “silly” of Tory leader Mike Wilcox not to make the changes immediately. “Lichfield District Council should introduce the living wage. We need to recognise that low-paid workers need that support,” she said. “Mike has said with the small numbers of people involved that it isn’t the right time to make the change, but the numbers involved mean it wouldn’t have been a problem for him to make the change. “I think it is wrong that people who are working have to go to food banks in order to support themselves and their families.”
Cllr Mike Wilcox
But Cllr Wilcox insists it isn’t the right time to make the change. He explained: “The Government are introducing a new living wage from next year and there’s only a small amount of people not already above that level who are with us. “It’s such a small number affected, that before too long I anticipate that everyone will be above that anyway. “We would be doubling up the work to do it now and then do it again next year.”

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One reply on “Tories at Lichfield District Council accused of failing to stand-up for low-paid workers”

  1. It’s called a living wage for a reason. Regardless of the how many workers are involved they SHOULD be paid NOW. It’s the right time for them to make the change. it will make a difference to them!!!!!!

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