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Billy Mitchell reveals how he’s looking forward to telling the story of Lindisfarne at the Lichfield Garrick

Tales from the colourful history of Lindisfarne will come to life at the Lichfield Garrick this evening (September 29).

The Lindisfarne Story

The Lindisfarne Story

The Lindisfarne Story is a career-spanning acoustic-led show, complete with never-before-seen images, videos, and stories about the legendary band.

And Billy Mitchell admits he can’t wait to lift the lid on their existence alongside fellow member Ray Laidlaw.

“There’s all sorts of daft things that have happened,” he explained. “Lots of great things.

“We supported David Bowie when he was being Ziggy Stardust in America, we played with Frank Zappa and the Beach Boys – we even saw James Brown on a bullet train in Japan!”

It’s this added nostalgia that separates The Lindisfarne Story from the current touring version of Lindisfarne, as Billy was keen to point out.

“Everybody’s entitled to do what they want to do,” he said. “The touring version’s not something I’d like to do. Unless you’re making new music and going forward with it, you just become a tribute to yourself playing the stuff from the past all the time.

“We don’t bill ourselves as Lindisfarne. Our show is The Lindisfarne Story and that’s what we do, we tell a story – it’s a theatre show, not a stand-up rock n roll show.”

Billy believes that playing the songs acoustically in the way they were originally written allows the magic between himself and Ray continues to glow.

And it’s a bond that is unlikely to be broken any time soon.

He explained: “Ray and I have been friends since we were 14 or 15 years old and we’ve stayed together through thick and thin over all these years.

“The music is not a job, it’s a life. There’s no such thing as retirement for what we do, we just carry on doing it.

“If we ever do feel like we’re done with it, I think it’ll be when the soil’s being thrown over me!”

The Lindisfarne Story plays the Lichfield Garrick theatre tonight at 7:30pm. Tickets are £19.50 and can be booked by calling 01543 412121 or visiting

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