Jeremy Corbyn. Pic: Garry Knight

The Liberal Democrats say they hope Labour voters will switch allegiances following the election of Jeremy Corbyn.

Jeremy Corbyn. Pic: Garry Knight

He was appointed as Ed Miliband’s successor in a move which led to some senior figures in the Shadow Cabinet returning to the front benches.

And Paul Ray, spokesman for the Lib Dems in Lichfield, believes the Labour vote could be a boost for his own party.

“People who have backed Labour in recent elections can have a new home in the Liberal Democrats,” he wrote in a blog post. “I appeal to Labour supporters in Lichfield who want credible economic policies from a united party to join the Liberal Democrats.

“Here they will be made welcome and they will feel at home.”

Paul Ray

Mr Ray – who also stood for the Lib Dems in May’s General Election – said that Labour’s hopes of eventually returning to Government had been dashed by the decision to install Mr Corbyn as leader.

“Many Labour supporters want a strong but credible opposition to the Conservative Government,” he added. “But they know that under Jeremy Corbyn, backed by his Far Left Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, any remaining Labour economic credibility has been shredded.

“Within hours of the announcement of the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Leader, seven Shadow Cabinet members had abandoned their posts and returned to the backbenches.

“Clearly, Mr Corbyn is unable to appeal to moderates and there is a huge gulf between the different wings of the Labour Party.”

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6 replies on “Lichfield Lib Dems hoping Labour supporters will switch allegiances after election of Jeremy Corbyn”

  1. The traffic flow seems to be in the opposite direction. The Labour Party in Lichfield constituency has seen its membership treble. Dream on, Messrs Ray and Farron.

  2. Why is it that when the comeback kid is mentioned on Lichfield Live that it’s said he stood in the general election and not that he stood in the parliamentary election, the district council election and the city council election all held on the same day. This gives a more accurate account of what the man did – tried and failed at everything on offer – and paints a better picture of the Libdems in the area – they hardly have any members and had to stand the same man in three different elections.

    Are Lichfield Live backing the Libdems or are is this easy ride they’re being given in reporting their recruitment attempts a mistake?

  3. A strong opposition to the tories? This from a party reduced in parliament to a number that could fit in a motorbike and sidecar, and, when they could make a difference in 2010, sided with the tories anyway. Not a chance!!

  4. Maybe it’s the witchfinder general deputy-leader and his catchy “close to evil” catchphrase used to create misery and distress in the remaining days of the innocent terminally-ill that’s causing the surge in Labour membership?
    No wonder he’s popular, no-one hates like the left.

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