Dame Judi Dench. Pic: Tony Hisgett

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Dame Judi Dench has sent her congratulations to a local community arts organisation as it celebrates 21 years of performances. The Lichfield Mysteries made its first appearance in 1994 and is organising a party on November 27 for members past and present to share their memories.
Dame Judi Dench
Patron Dame Judi will be unable to attend due to her run in The Winter’s Tale in London, but she sent a message congratulating the organisation on reaching the milestone. Mysteries chairman Peter Chell said: “We would like to thank Dame Judi for her comments and we very much appreciate her ongoing support of the Mysteries.” People who have been involved in any Lichfield Mysteries production are invited to the 21st birthday party on November 27. Email jilltaylor@lichfieldmysteries.co.uk or go to www.lichfieldmysteries.co.uk for further details.