The Full Monty

A show at the Lichfield Garrick this week dished up a fair feast of entertainment for the packed audiences.

Lichfield Operatic Society’s The Full Monty was overflowing with energetic performances from everyone in the large cast.

The Full Monty
The Full Monty
The musical show version of the hit British 90s film is set in America and is the story of triumph over adversity as a group of unemployed steel workers set out to earn some cash by baring all.

Determined to out-do The Chippendales, the band of six set out to perform a strip show and eventually decide to go the Full Monty.

The audience is taken through a whole host of emotions, depression, frustration and grief, but throughout there was laughter by the bucket-load.

Director Helen Gilfoyle’s ‘Magnificent Six’ as she described the lead actors, definitely lived up to the name.

Phil Bourne as Jerry Lukowski, Ben Green as Dave Bukatinsky, Patrick Jervis as Malcolm MacGregor, Dave Hill as Harold Nicols, Fidel Lloyd as Noah ‘Horse’ T Simmons and Mark Johnson as Ethan Gerard were definitely six of the best.

The ‘audition’ scene was quite a revelation – in more ways than one! – as four of the six tried to recruit two more performers for their strip show.

Fidel Lloyd as ‘Horse’ T Simmons stole this part of the show with his ‘Big Black Man’ song and dance routine – absolutely brilliant!

Young Marcus Beesley as Jerry’s son, turned in another great performance. He and Ethan Bowley shared the part during the six-performance run.

Julie Malaband, as the dotty pianist, headed the female cast of extremely talented women who equally matched the men for energy and performance.

There may not be memorable songs in this show, but Lichfield Operatic Society’s production will live long in the memories of those of us fortunate enough to be in the audience.

Along with Director Helen Gilfoyle, Musical Director Jack Hopkins and choreographer Charlotte Middleton are to be congratulated, along with everyone in the cast and the back-stage crews.
Thank you for a great night out.
Ann Mayo

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Cynthia Wheeler
8 years ago

Came on Saturday 17th Oct to watch the full monty with friends, the show was brilliant my sides were aching with laughter enjoyed it more than the film and so did my friends. The lady who sat next to me was the mother of one of the cast the one that dro0ped his trousers at the audition on stage. Well done to all the cast