Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant is urging people in affected areas to sign up for flood alerts.

His comments come after a visit to the  the area HQ of the Environment Agency at Fradley Park.


The Conservative MP was told how experts use information from the Met Office and data about river flows to predict if somewhere will flood.

“In the Lichfield constituency, there are over 600 people at risk of flooding, but only 156 people have signed up for a flood warning,” Mr Fabricant said. “There is little anyone can do against flooding when the water is coming through the door, but you can prepare in advance and take action when there is a flood warning.

“So I am urging everyone at risk of floods to sign up for Environment Agency flood warnings.”

The Fradley office is the HQ covering Staffordshire, Warwickshire and the West Midlands including every city, town and village from the edge of Dovedale to Shipston on Stour.

“The Environment Agency really do far more than I first imagined,” the MP said. “As well as working to protect us from flooding and river pollution, like the police they go out to emergencies, they make sure waste is disposed of safely, they prosecute people for environmental crime, and they are even working to reduce the environmental impact of HS2 in our area.

“The Environment Agency checks rivers for invertebrate life because it’s a sign whether the river water quality is good or not. I had a chance to look at samples from the Croxden Brook which has lots of life, indicating that the water quality is good.

“I also saw the arc boat that is used to measure how fast a river is flowing and how deep it is. This information is used to measure water levels and the rainfall to provide flood warnings but also to ensure we have enough water for local people and wildlife.

“In all, it was a hugely impressive visit and I was pleased to meet some of the teams based at Fradley who work every day to help keep safe our water, homes and livelihoods.”

People can sign up for flood warnings online or call 0345 988 11.


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