The Pray for Paris area in Lichfield Cathedral

A vigil will be held in Lichfield Cathedral on Friday to mark one week since the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The Very Revd Adrian Dorber, Dean of Lichfield, will lead prayers betweeen 6.30pm and 7.30pm.

The Pray for Paris area in Lichfield Cathedral

The vigil will also be in remembrance of the victims of the Russian airliner attacks over Sinai and the recent bombin in Beirut.

The Very Revd Adrian Dorber said: “We’re going through a very difficult time.

“The recent terror attacks in Paris, Egypt and Beirut have resulted in a great amount of grief, loss and heartbreak for many people. We would like to honour those lives which were so cruelly taken away.

“We want to pray for all the victims and survivors of these atrocities and to pray for peace and the restoration of order in the world.

“We hope that people of all faiths will join us.”

The Cathedral has also set aside a special place for candle lighting, where people can leave prayer requests and light a candle in memory of all victims.

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