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People living in Lichfield and Burntwood have signed a petition calling on the area’s MP to join the fight against proposed cuts to tax credits.

Campaigners say the changes to the system would make life harder for millions of low-paid families – and claim more than 200,000 children could be pushed into poverty.

Michael Fabricant MP

More than 200 people have signed the petition asking Conservative MP Michael Fabricant to raise local concerns with the Chancellor George Osborne.

Lichfield resident Adam Elsdon hopes to deliver the petition to the local MP this week.

“It is important all MPs are held to account over these cuts,” Adam said. “David Cameron promised he wouldn’t touch tax credits before the election and now his party is going back on its word.

“Hard working people in the Lichfield and Burntwood constituency didn’t vote for a broken promise, and yet lots of us will suffer.

“Michael Fabricant MP regularly posts on twitter that ‘the area has a low unemployment rate of just 0.7%’, yet there is a Foodbank in Lichfield that distributed emergency food parcels to 1,300 different individuals and families.

“The 200 signatures on this petition represent a small minority of those in need in his area, people who are hard working and decent, that want a hand up not a handout to take them out of the poverty that they find themselves in.

“I am personally asking Michael Fabricant to help those people, and speak up and vote against the tax credit cuts on behalf of his constituents.”

The local petition is one of many across the country being delivered to constituency MPs.

Campaigner Kahra Wayland-Larty said: “The cuts to tax credits will simply punish people in the Lichfield and Burntwood area on low wages who work hard, but still don’t have enough to make ends meet.

“It will push many families to breaking point.

“But MPs have the opportunity to stop the cuts, by continuing to voice their concerns to George Osborne. That’s why hundreds are meeting their MPs before the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement on November 25, to deliver the petition straight to MPs and ask for them to oppose the cuts at any opportunity.

“Many MPs in other areas have already spoken out because they know they can’t support cuts which will hit their constituents hardest – the very people who have just voted them in.

“Michael Fabricant needs to step up and represent Lichfield and Burntwood constituents too.”


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17 replies on “Petition calls on Michael Fabricant MP to join fight against changes to tax credits”

  1. Unfortunately Lichfield voted Tory so the majority voted for Tory policies. Let’s hope people think carefully who they vote for next time round.

  2. The electoral system needs to be better, if you’re elected stating a manifesto pledge then go back on that pledge, then you should be forced to hold a referendum, or some similar action.

  3. Michael Fabricant got in on 55.2% of votes from 61.8% of people that actually voted.
    Only 34.11% of the total voting aged populace of his constituency actually voted for him, the other 65.89% voted for someone else or couldn’t be bothered.
    However just because he is a Conservative, there is nothing stopping him from voting against these cuts, like the lords and a growing number of his own party MP’s and helping the people most in need in his safe, well to do constituency.

  4. Am I missing something? Did the vote(s) happen in September and October and Fabbo voted for the cuts?

    Loving the comments about whether something is in a manifesto or not btw. Whoever you voted for you voted for this. Suck it up.

  5. Will be interesting to apply AgitatorofPeople’s logic when the final number of signatures are known. I expect quite a high percentage will decline the opportunity to sign it.

  6. Not sure how Mr Fabricant could look his less well off constituents in the face if he votes for the cuts as simultaneously Inheritance Tax and taxes on business are reduced. The tax credits are there to help work pay

  7. He’s a,politician feeds a,line to gain your vote ,then grovels at the feet of his parties master its like his anti EU spiel if he was truly against it he wouldn’t even consider the idea of a combined local authority.

  8. @Jack Andrea. This article is not of interest to me but I felt I had to comment on your post and say that you may be waiting a long, long time before Labour or any other party for that matter gain power in Lichfield so I wouldn’t hold my breathe if I were you.

  9. Michael Fabricants riposte to this story is literally quite staggering! especially when you read the comments and see the reply by a person involved with actually delivering the petition. It would appear if you are a constituent with a genuine concern about this governments policies then you don’t have a voice, and you are infact a time waster and should “Grow up”


  10. As many are now aware, Fabricant hates anyone with a viewpoint that differs to his own. He lives in his Twitter Ivory Tower, replying to any any negative comments with a fullstop before the recipient’s name so that his army of fans can attack the person. It’s a disgusting practice.

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