Customers on the O2 mobile phone network in Lichfield have been warned to expect issues with their service.

The company say there are technical problems in the area which could mean a loss of signal.

“A phone mast in the area isn’t working,” a spokesperson said. “This means service might come and go until we fix it.”

The company has not confirmed when the repairs will be completed.


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3 replies on “Faulty mast to blame as Lichfield O2 mobile phone customers suffer signal problems”

  1. Nothing new to hear if you live in Fradley, Yoxall, Kings Bromley, Hoar Cross and surrounding areas. I tried to change network (after moving to Fradley) as it is so bad, but a radius of over ten miles is showing on EE and Vodaphone as a ‘black hole’ for signal.
    So – when repairs are being worked on- boost it up so that we can use our phones in these areas please!

  2. “This means service might come and go until we fix it.” – That’s OK, payment might come and go until you fix it too.

  3. On an aside here, I still wonder why people sign up to Vodafone in Lichfield. Signal has been almost nonesxistant here for over 10 years and visiting friends are often unreachable if they go off exploring in town.

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