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A new 71 home development in Armitage has been approved. The land at Armitage Road will include 62 affordable properties. A statement supporting the development said: “The layout and design of the proposal has evolved, taking on board the feedback that has been received from all consulting parties. “It will regenerate the site accommodating much-meeded affordable dwellings, integrating with the existing context and local community in a positive way and enhance the canalside location by creating more activity within the immediate area.” Full details of the proposal and the decision notice can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.

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6 replies on “New affordable housing development in Armitage given the green light”

  1. What is an ‘affordable property’? And if only 62 of the 71 are to be affordable, what is the point of building the other 9 is they are to be affordable, surely no-one will ever be able to buy them.

  2. Also, isn’t Armitage Road not in Armitage, it being the road that goes to Armitage and all. Once it gets to Armitage it is Rugeley Road, ie the road that goes to Rugeley.
    One of the reasons given by the council when they refused sheds on the allotments next to the Plum Pudding was that it would make it harder for people to tell where Armitage ended and Rugeley began. This was despite the Hawkesyard Estate being built at that time. Now this, which I assume is down there somewhere too.

  3. The Planning Department is not fit for purpose.

    They let developers do what they want, pop in, throw some houses up, never complete remedial work and never get the streets adopted by the council. Then they leave the mess for the residents to sort.

    Developers only care about money, not the area, not the buyers, not the community. Money and money only.

    When the owners of these properties ask the council to solve issues, the council will say speak to the developers. Developers say not us speak to the council.

    MP will say I can’t do anything, Council can’t do anything and developers refuse to spend any more money.

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