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Work is taking place to find a new location for coaches to park in Lichfield. Should the Friarsgate redevelopment go ahead, the current site in the city’s bus station would disappear. A report to Lichfield District Council has revealed that the developers will not have to provide an alternative, meaning a new home for buses ferrying tourists to the city will need to be found. “While the developer of Friarsgate is required to provide a replacement for the bus parking, there is no similar requirement for coach parking,” the report said. “Council officers are currently working to find a suitable alternative site for coach parking. “Given the increasing popularity of coach visits to Lichfield and the important part that these visitors play in the town centre economy, the new facility will have to provide at least as many spaces as the current one,” the report said. “It should preferably be capable of allowing for expansion as demand for this form of parking already exceeds availability at peak periods.” The council has so far identified one possible location at the Staffordshire University campus. The report explained: “Based on information from the council’s tourism service, it would appear that a site with easy pedestrian access to the city centre would be essential. “Despite extensive investigations, the only site that appears capable of fulfilling this criteria would appear to be the current long stay car parking facility at the Staffordsire University campus. “Use of this area would fulfil the accessibility requirements as well as allowing for a modest capacity increase and could also take advantage of the toilet facilities already available in the new Friary car park. “Officers are continuing to negotiate with the university management to try and move this option forward.” The report also revealed that a coach drop-off point could be created outside the Garrick as part of the Friarsgate development.


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6 replies on “Search on for replacement coach parking site in Lichfield city centre”

  1. I am incredulous that LDC have not considered this matter as part of the Friarsgate planning. I suppose the Councillors and Officers have only had 10 years to think about options. What has happened to prompt this thought now?

  2. I am amazed, that we have so many coach parties.

    Did not realise our charity shops, Tesco, Boots, WH Smith or constant housing developments were such popular tourist attractions.

    A lot of people who used to come to Lichfield, have said to me, they don’t bother now as the centre is so run down and so few unique shops.

  3. Astonishing isn’t it..?

    Am i being to simplistic:

    Firefighters, police & ambulance to the plot on Eastern Avenue

    Bus’s on old fire station plot.

  4. Simon makes a valid point.

    If only our once-great city of Lichfield had something special to attract tourists. Something like, say, a magnificent medieval cathedral with three spires or the former home of a noted physician, botanist and figure of the Enlightenment.

    Or even the birthplace of an internationally celebrated poet, essayist, moralist, literary critic, biographer, editor and lexicographer.

    It could at least offer a host of excellent independent cafes and restaurants to feed and refresh weary travellers.

    What we REALLY need is more shops. How about a new shopping centre? I’m thinking dreary, featureless, unimaginitive – something that will make Lichfield look like every other town and city on the country.

    Now THAT would put us on the map.

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