Cllr Sue Woodward

The Conservatives’ commitment to a neighbourhood plan in Burntwood has been questioned.

The new budget for Burntwood Town Council has put aside £750 for events to promote the initiative.

Cllr Sue Woodward

But Cllr Sue Woodward said the money showed that Conservative leader Cllr Richard Mosson was backtracking on a commitment to drawing up a plan for the area.

“The budget of £750 is to cover cards through letterboxes, displays in the town and other events – how is it possibly going to cover that?” she said.

“Cllr Mosson said that the Neighbourhood Plan was his priority yet just £750 has been put forward.”

But the council’s Conservative leader defended the figure.

“The money for the neighbourhood plan events has been discussed with the town clerk and the chairman of the committee looking at this issue.

“Both have said they see the figure in the budget as sufficient.”


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