An artist's impression of how Lichfield's former cinema could look once converted

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Plans have been drawn up to convert a former cinema in Lichfield city centre into apartments. The Tamworth Street building had once been the Regal Cinema, but was last in use as a Kwik Save supermarket. There had previously been plans to create a hotel, bar and restaurant on the site. But developers now want to create a four-storey block which would have a mix of one and two bedroom flats with shopping units on the ground floor.
An artist’s impression of how Lichfield’s former cinema could look once converted
Drawings of the new-look building also show that much of the historic frontage of the building will be retained. A statement supporting the planning application said: “This building would appear to have detriorated beyond straightforward and economical restoration and reuse. “Ultimately, the site, while it is located within the conservation area, has little to contribute to the historical importance of the city – with the possible exception of the former cinema facade.
The Regal Cinema building in Lichfield. Pic: Elliott Brown
“The site currently is a very poor quality environment and is in urgend need of redevelopment. “Retaining the former cinema facade, combined with improvements to the site are considered key to encouraging a sense of pride within the local community and also to reintegrating the site.” The cinema was built in 1932 and showed its first films – The Old Man and The Beggar Student – on July 18 of that year. It was designed by Birmingham architect Harold Seymour Scott and had an auditorium seating 1,300 people. The cinema’s final showing came on July 10, 1974, with a screening of The Big Boss starring Bruce Lee. The developers added: “The application proposes housing development in the very sustainable and accessible location of Lichfield city and also provides a retail focus within the commercial centre of the city. “It will contribute to the council’s efforts to redress the imbalance in accommodation size by postively contributing to the delivery of smaller properties. “Given its city centre location, the proposal positively contributes to reducing the overall need to travel and while making provision for off-street parking, also optimises the choice of sustainable modes of travel, particularly walking, cycling and public transport.” Full details of the proposals can be seen on Lichfield District Council’s planning website.


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10 replies on “Plans unveiled to convert former Regal Cinema in Lichfield city centre into apartments”

  1. No doubt it will be along the same lines as that architectural monstrosity next to minster pool ,no thought once again for affordable housing or perhaps thus is the housing for our refugees

  2. Stop moaning ^ would you prefer this building to stay run down and out of use? There is also enough affordable housing in Lichfield that it doesn’t hurt to have a little luxury here and there…

  3. I agree Jay. This city centre site is not the place for so called affordable housing. This site deserves to be high priced and I’m sure they’ll be snapped up. Lichfield in my opinion should continue to be an aspirational City.

  4. Wouldn’t it be suited better as something for all, Barton have a beautiful red carpet cinema, puts the Garrick’s design to shame ,couldn’t this be used as such a project keeping it in sync with the city’s historical past ,I remember when Garrick’s theatre was forgotten and a Wilkos shoved in its place what a disgrace ,where’s the affordable housing fir young Lichfield people prey tell.

  5. There are plenty of houses in the Lichfield area between 100 and 200k. What price is affordable? There is already a cinema being built in Lichfield as part of Friarsgate.

  6. Very few suitable for growing families and lets take in to account the matter of large down payments ,the friars gate the empty electoral promise of how may years ? That will just be another carbuncle on an otherwise beautiful city utilise what we have,restore,renovate dint let these period buildings go to waste

  7. Friarsgate is just updating what is already there. Removing the eyesore which is the Ford garage and improving the sorry site which is the bus station.

  8. We shall see if it gets off the ground or ends up like the precinct why the water feature was removed from there is beyond me and the tacky green covering installed ,its time planners and developers took in to account the historical value of what’s around them instead of a quick buck,lets hope they do Lichfield the justice it deserves .

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