Michael Fabricant

Lichfield’s MP has hailed a drop in unemployment in the area.

Figures revealed that 369 people living in the constituency were claiming unemployment benefits in February, down 52 from the previous year.

Of those, 100 were aged 18 to 24 – down from 115 in February 2015.

Michael Fabricant MP

Michael Fabricant MP questioned Prime Minister David Cameron on the unemployment figures in a House of Commons debate.

“Unemployment is down in my beautiful Lichfield,” he said.

“Yesterday was an absolute first for the West Midlands when the whole region co-operatedto present 33 investment schemes at an international conference in Cannes, which will create a further 178,000 jobs.”

Mr Cameron welcomed the boost in employment figures in the area – as well as admitting his relief that Mr Fabricant hadn’t swapped the Commons for Cannes.

“I am very glad that my honourable friend chose to be here rather than Cannes,” he said. “He is right about the 33 schemes.

“We of course got that historic deal with the West Midlands, which will see significant powers devolved tot he combined authority and directly elected mayor.

“We are changing the way our country is run by devolving power and building the strength of our great cities.”

Lichfield District Council has previously opted not to sign up to the West Midlands combined authority.


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