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Lichfield’s MP says Iain Duncan Smith has “put the case well” over changes to Personal Independence Payments.

Michael Fabricant MP

Michael Fabricant has previously come under fire for claiming that changes to disability benefits would prevent people from “taking the British taxpayer for a ride”.

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has since resigned from his post in the Cabinet claiming cuts were “not defensible”.

Mr Fabricant said that while some changes are fair, he has voiced his opposition to other changes.

“When I was asked last week why I voted for changes in the Employment and Support Allowance and the Work Related Activity Group I explained no-one on those current benefits would be affected, but after 2017 an independent medical check would be made of new applicants to determine whether someone was capable of work either full time or part time,” he said. I believe that to be fair.

“However, last week we had not yet decided on changes to Personal Independence Payments and I made it very clear to the highest in Government on Thursday night that I could not support those changes in any vote as I believe they go too far and are unfair. I was not alone.

“As I understand it, the changes have now been withdrawn subject to ‘further consultation’. That makes sense.

“Iain Duncan Smith has put the case well.”


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12 replies on “Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant says changes to Personal Independence Payments “go too far””

  1. Incredible. Almost exactly the opposite of what he’d previously said. Why does he keep trying to take us all for fools? Whether on this, HS2 or any other subject, he couldn’t stick to a principle if he were welded to it. Completely UNprincipled.

    This isn’t a change of heart or a sudden concern for people with disabilities. It’s a cynical and politically-motivated U-turn.

  2. Anyone seen another passing bandwagon for this man to jump on?? Especially if it is travelling away from Lichfield, because his insincere posturings aren’t needed anywhere round here.

  3. This would be absolutely hilarious if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s playing around with the lives of extremely vulnerable people. How on earth can we trust anything this man says?

  4. Davydee has him sussed. He thinks he can get away with what he doesn’t do for his Lichfield Constituents but forgets we can keep an eye on him through “They work for you” and Parliament.uk.

  5. Get stuffed, you have got to be joking!!

    “I made it very clear to the highest in Government on THURSDAY NIGHT that I could not support those changes in any vote as I believe they go too far and are unfair.”

    THURSDAY NIGHT!! the budget was on Wednesday, and you quickly released your horrendous article on the same day. Only then did you see how much of a massive mistake you had made after everybody was baying for yours and the Tory parties blood.

    I am sure your constituency will look forward at the chance of meeting with you at the EU referendum shindig you are organising in the Cathedral on the 3rd of June it should be a real belter, or maybe Lib Dem Paul Ray will give you a wide berth if he has any sense.

  6. I had to read twice to ensure it was the same MP of Lichfirkd being quoted in these two articles.

    It beggars belief.

    I could almost understand the second saying ” I’ve rethought and was wrong ” but to disregard the fact that the first article was ever there is absolutely nuts.

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