Stop HS2 protesters in Lichfield

MPs have let the HS2 wool be pulled over their eyes, according to a group of campaigners.

A House of Commons vote last week saw the controversial high speed rail route – which will cut through parts of Lichfield – backed by 399 votes to 42.

But members of the Stop HS2 group have criticised MPs for debating the HS2 Phase One Hybrid Bill for just 37 minutes.

Penny Gaines, chair of the campaign group, said: “With just this amount of time given to debate a £56bn project, that works out at over £1.5bn per minute, rushing through spending at a phenomenal rate.

“One would have hoped that MPs would have given this Bill more scrutiny, but they have been happy to have the wool pulled over their eyes and vote for this blindly.”

The vote means work on HS2 could start in 2017 if the Bill passes through the House of Lords without issue.

Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said the result showed MPs recognised the value of the project to the country.

“Once again Parliament has backed HS2 and brought this vital new railway one step closer to reality,” he said. “British contractors are now bidding to build the line, British apprentices are waiting to work on it and British cities are waiting to benefit from it.

“We expect HS2 to begin construction next year. As we enter this new phase I make three pledges – we will work closely with those communities affected by the HS2 route, we will keep a firm grip on costs and we will drive maximum value for money from this new railway.”


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2 replies on “Campaigners insist MPs had “wool pulled over their eyes” in HS2 vote”

  1. Fabricant in Lichfield – decries expensive project that will cut through his beautiful constituency.

    Fabricant in Westminster – can see the benefits of a high speed rail system.

    Politicians eh! What can you do?

  2. Like most things in this constituency which he will not lift a finger to help if it goes against the party line our MP who made so much of his anti HS2 stance to help get him elected managed to pull a vote against while in full knowledge that it would make no difference at all to the outcome due to the way it has been played out.
    Once again Lichfield is played for fools.

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