One of Jo Beattie's artworks

An artist will showcase her unique style at a demonstration in Lichfield.

Jo Beattie will be at the Emporium Gallery on Bird Street from 11am to 3pm on April 23.

One of Jo Beattie's artworks
One of Jo Beattie’s artworks
A spokesperson said: “Jo’s artwork is a reflection on memories of people we love and how we associate them with particular items of clothing – images of fabric patterns and colours are embedded into our memory, becoming inseparable from the associated person.

“Our choices of patterns and colours determine not only our character and how we wish to be perceived by others, but also define us in a time, place and culture.

“Jo uses predominantly machine stitch, creating her images of people, patterns and identity, with translucent or sheer backgrounds enabling shadows to become an integral part of the work. By creating a shadow onto a plain background a distance away from the actual work, the image becomes larger and more defined, enhancing the idea of memory.”

For more details, visit the Emporium Gallery website.

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