Sankey's Corner in Burntwood. Pic: Geoff Pick

People in Burntwood have responded to a new neighbourhood plan by calling for improved shopping facilities in the town.

Sankey’s Corner in Burntwood. Pic: Geoff Pick

Burntwood Town Council held consultation events at the library and the Old Mining College Centre in March.

The results will be discussed at a meeting on Tuesday (April 26).

The report highlights the top issues raised by local residents, including:

  • A greater variety of shops and bigger retailers.
  • The ‘neglected’ shopping area Sankey’s Corner.
  • Problems with traffic congestion, inappropriate parking and potholes.
  • A lack of facilities for young people
Cllr Richard Mosson

Cllr Richard Mosson, leader of Burntwood Town Council, has previously said links between the Conservative controlled authorities at town, district and county level would boost the area.

“Dialogue between all tiers is open and we will bring more shops, better healthcare provision and a feel good factor to the town,” he added.

Lichfield District Council leader, Cllr Mike Wilcox, said his authority was also committed to improving the retail offering in Burntwood.

“After seeing the success of the Lichfield Business Improvement District vote we are now talking to Staffordshire County Council about getting a deal for Burntwood as we need to make sure the town isn’t left out,” he said.

“We’re talking to London and Cambridge Properties who own a lot of land in Burntwood to do all we can to ensure they make that land available for retailers, which they’re starting to do.

“It won’t be a Friarsgate, but it will be a retail offering. Burntwood is an important part of a district and we need to make sure it isn’t forgotten.”

Cllr Eric Drinkwater

But Cllr Eric Drinkwater, leader of the Labour opposition group at Burntwood Town Council, has warned dialogue needed to be followed by action.

He said: “I am heartily sick of empty promises as are the Burntwood public.

“When are we going to see real efforts to encourage leading High Street retailers into Burntwood?

“The need is even more urgent than ever now with another 351 houses on the horizon.”


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3 replies on “Residents call for improved shopping options in Burntwood”

  1. Interesting to read Cllr Mosson’s comments – always with a partisan slant rather than focusing on benefits for the town. Why did he renege on a Town Deal for Burntwood? He failed to attend a recent Town Deal meeting with Staffs County and Lichfield District Council Leaders, not even sending apologies. Who does he mean by “we” in talks with Staffs CC? He’s made no attempt to talk to me or the other County Councillors representing Burntwood!

  2. Lichfield District Council leader, Cllr Mike Wilcox, said his authority was also committed to improving the retail offering in Burntwood

    These are easy words for chopper Wilcox to say. The problem is companies are all about making profits. If they can’t make a large profit, they will not invest.

    Developers are about making profits, often, they are seen as solving all of the countries/ councils problems. They are about making a profit, getting land as cheaply as possible and selling the houses/ shops for as high a profit as they can. Then leaving the mess that they have created.

    They are not about long term sustainability. It’s money money money.

    If there is money to be made, bigger retailers will come. I hope Burntwood are able to attract some great shops. My kids love Burntwood Leisure Centre, shame there is not more for them to do close to there.

  3. Some of us have been pushing for improved shopping facilities for Burntwood for many years but without the co-operation of landowners and Retail businesses it is difficult to achieve. However as in other towns across the County where Town Deals have been successful Councillor Woodward convinced the County Council, Lichfield District Council and most of Burntwood town Council it was the way to go. The only person out of step is Cllr Mosson who rejected the idea and refused to attend a meeting where all parties were represented. Now just as it seems there may be some light at the end of the tunnel through a Town Deal Cllr Mosson is trying to claim credit and even his political colleagues are disgusted with him.

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