The 2016 Lichfield Mysteries

Sunshine and showers greeted audiences out to see Lichfield Mystery Plays over the Bank Holiday.

The 2016 Lichfield Mysteries

But only two plays were postponed in the afternoon on Monday because of the rain and they eventually went ahead later in the day.

In the planning stage of the 2016 production, Lichfield Mysteries Community Arts had been disappointed not to receive major arts backing.

But with the financial support from local trusts, companies and councillors, together with the groups of performers, the Mysteries went ahead and has been hailed a resounding success.

The 2016 Lichfield Mysteries

A change of venue to Wade Street Church was also successful and performers and audiences appreciated the support of the church and its members.

Local groups were joined by those from further afield – including Lichfield’s twin town of Ste Foy les Lyon – to perform 24 plays on Market Square and in the church over the Bank Holiday Sunday and Monday.
Additional events were presented at the Lichfield Garrick and St Mary’s Church, and an art exhibition was staged at the Cathedral.

Chairman Rick Hill OBE, said: “The Mysteries this year have been a joy to stage and we would like to thank everyone who took part and who helped to make the event such a success.

“Particular thanks must go to our Production Manager, Jill Taylor, who brought the production together.

“Our thanks, also, to the trusts, companies and individuals who provided financial and practical help in order that the whole event could again be free of charge for our audiences.”