Richard Mosson
Cllr Richard Mosson
Cllr Richard Mosson

The outgoing leader of Burntwood Town Council has been branded “childish” for his handling of talks to develop a town deal for the area.

Cllr Richard Mosson – who has confirmed he will stand down as head of the controlling Conservative group – said such an agreement would hinder rather than help the town.

He accused the opposition group of hampering development in previous years in order to win votes.

But Cllr Diane Evans, deputy leader of the Labour party on Burntwood Town Council, said Cllr Mosson’s departure would allow for the entire authority to move forward.

Cllr Diane Evans

“It soon became clear that Cllr Mosson really didn’t have any control over the council, its budgets or its priorities,” she said. “He turned his back on the town deal in a childish way when he was supposed to be leading on it, but which, in spite of him rather than because of him, is now bringing the benefits to the town that he tries to claim credit for.

“As a Labour group, and I’m sure as a whole council, we look forward now to a period of calm and a period of progress under the new leader.”

But Cllr Mosson insisted Burntwood had progressed under his Conservative leadership.

“The town is finally moving forward,” he said. “We will welcome hundreds of new residents who will be moving in to the Milestone Way development in the next few years. They will be moving to a town which will be evolving to cater for their needs.

“Having taken responsibility of the Neighbourhood Plan, we have welcomed members of the public to join this committee in order to ensure that it can be non-political in its ambitions, and will work hard to deliver a robust plan for the town.”

Cllr Helen Fisher is expected to be named as Cllr Mosson’s successor later this month.


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