Councillors have been warned that a plan to build more than 1,000 new homes near the Lichfield and Tamworth border will cause gridlock.

An online petition organised by Cllr Robert Pritchard, deputy leader of Tamworth Borough Council against the proposals for land at Arkall Farm on the Ashby Road near Wiggington has drawn almost 500 signatures.

Those opposing the new homes say previous issues on the road during rush hour have led to tailbacks over three miles long.

Although the site lies under Lichfield District Council’s jurisdiction, Cllr Pritchard says that the impact of such a large-scale development will be felt sharply across the border in Tamworth.

Cllr Robert Pritchard, deputy leader of Tamworth Borough Council

“Our local plan and traffic survey in the area shows that the infrastructure will not cope,” he told LichfieldLive. “You can’t put more houses there than those which already have planning permission.

“Another 1,000 will just cause gridlock.”

Tamworth Borough Council and local residents have already objected to the development.

And Cllr Pritchard added that he hoped Lichfield District Council would listen to the strength of feeling from residents beyond its own borders.

“The locals living within the Lichfield boundary are all opposed to it,” he said. “But it’s not far from the Tamworth border so the people who live on our side don’t have any democratic representation on the planning committee.

“Tamworth Borough Council has objected, as have a lot of the local councillors. So I hope Lichfield District Council’s planning committee know just how strongly we all feel about the matter.

“As well as the petition there are another 400 objections lodged already. It’s fair to say that this is a universally unpopular development.”


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