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Lichfield cannot afford to be complacent when it comes to the threat of terrorism, a councillor has said. The warning comes as part of a new strategy being drawn up to prevent people engaging with extremism. The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act means councils now have a requirement to tackle radicalisation wherever possible. As a result, the Lichfield District Community Safety Partnership has drawn up a ‘Prevent Delivery Plan’ which identifies ways organisation, including the local authority, can play a role in preventing people from being drawn into terrorism.
Cllr Doug Pullen
Cllr Doug Pullen, Cabinet member for community, at Lichfield District Council, said that while Lichfield may not face significant issues on this front, history shows that people need to be vigilant. “This country, like many other, faces a challenge from terrorism and violent extremism,” he said. “A very small minority seek to harm innocent people in the name of ideologies which can cause division, hatred and violence. “The police and other agencies are working together to put in place the tough security measures needed to keep people safe, but this work alone is not enough. As with many other challenges we face today, the community’s role is vital. “The challenge varies significantly from place to place. Lichfield district has a reputation of being a good place to live, a relatively affluent area, with low levels of crime. “But we cannot be complacent. Indeed, we are not immune to terrorist attacks as evidenced when a soldier was shot and killed by the IRA at Lichfield City railway station in June 1990.” Private Robert Davies died after being gunned down on June 1, 1990. He had only been with the Army in the Royal Regiment of Wales, based at Whittington barracks, for 12 weeks at the time of his death. Pte Evans was waiting for a train to take him home to his parents in Swansea when two hooded men fired at him and two colleagues. No-one has ever been convicted for his death. The Lichfield District Community Safety Partnership strategy will be discussed at a meeting of the council’s community, housing and health overview and scrutiny committee tomorrow (June 8).


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14 replies on “Warning Lichfield cannot afford to be complacent over threat of terrorism”

  1. “A very small minority seek to harm innocent people in the name of ideologies which can cause division, hatred and violence.” – I assumed he was talking about the Tory party.

  2. The flaw been “Extremism” how will the prevent strategy be of use against another organisation, like the IRA that actually carried out a terrorist action? this is only picking on one section of society, those who follow Islam, and putting them under the microscope.
    It is not a plan that encompasses all potential terrorist threats from any section of society, it’s just a ploy that preys on peoples fear that has been whipped up to fever pitch by politicians and the media.
    Mr Pullen, pull your socks up, we expect much better from our elected representatives than this.

  3. Keep the people scared.

    Pass unnecessary laws.

    Increase surveillance.

    Rinse and repeat.

    Pretty shameful using Pvt. Davies’ death to make a point.

  4. I wonder how many of the smug twitterati were about to let off their usual bile about “right wing nut jobs” and the rest,regarding the Orlando slaughter,then decided best not bother?

  5. Actually Rob, I was thinking how easy it is for a ” nut job” of whatever wing,to have the means to slaughter in US. I’m so glad it isn’t that easy here. Still, very soon to be thinking such. Gutted for all those young people who simply wanted to have a nice night out.

  6. Hi Asellus.
    You seem more concerned in denigrating my posts than making any contribution of your own to the various topics relevant to Lichfield.
    Maybe you’re an outsider?
    There is a certain familiarity to the linguistic style hiding behind that nom de plume you’re using here, I just can’t think where I’ve encountered it before.

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