Sir Tom Jones

Business leaders say a concert by Sir Tom Jones has put Lichfield on the map.

Sir Tom Jones

The Welsh singing star performed in front of thousands of fans in a giant marquee in Beacon Park last weekend.

Before the concert, organisers tinyCOW said they hoped the show would provide a boost to the local economy, and Paul Maddox, chairman of the Lichfield Business Improvement District (BID) said many visitors had travelled to the city for an overnight stay before the show.

Paul Maddox

“We cannot thank tinyCOW enough for choosing our beautiful city as the back drop for their fantastic event,” he said. “This has attracted thousands of people into Lichfield over the weekend and business was booming as a result.

“To have such an international megastar as Sir Tom Jones visit Lichfield as part of his world tour has undoubtedly helped to put Lichfield on the map.

“I for one would fully support similar events in the future.”

Sir Tom was joined on stage by acts including Lichfield’s Tony Christie, Britpop stars Cast, The Pigeon Detectives and a number of local artists for the all-day show.

Morag Pringle, city centre manager for Lichfield BID, added: “It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying Lichfield and the outstanding performances from all of the acts on Sunday, despite the great British weather.

“For tinyCOW to give the opportunity to local acts to support legends like Tony Christie and Sir Tom Jones on such a stage should be applauded.

“The way such an event has raised the profile of Lichfield is invaluable to businesses long term and I hope to see many more fabulous acts perform here in the future.”

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3 replies on “Sir Tom Jones show has put Lichfield on the map, say business leaders”

  1. That’s all well and good, but what about those poor people, like myself, who live near Beacon Park?
    I spent most of the day out in my garden straining to hear the support acts and Sir Tom himself. Apart from a few muffled soundbites here and there, I couldn’t hear a thing.
    I had decided not to spend a large amount of money to attend the concert itself, believing I would get a freebie as a result of living so close.
    If there is a next time and another international star comes to Beacon Park please ensure those of us too cheap to buy tickets who live close by have the chance to listen in on the concert.

  2. A friend of ours lives on Christchurch Lane, near to the church, he said they could hear the concert quite clearly.

    It would be good if more high profile concerts came to Lichfield, other than tribute acts, although a dedicated show ground may be better, considering the residents who overlook the park.

  3. Property prices around Christchurch Lane are going to rocket now then – another positive impact of Sir Tom.

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