An artist's impression of the Friarsgate development

The Friarsgate development will move a step closer when councillors discuss proposals to formally transfer land for the project.

An artist’s impression of the new Friarsgate development

The city centre scheme will see the creation of a cinema, retail space, accomodation and a new bus station.

Part of the land being used for the project is currently owned by Lichfield District Council, but the Cabinet will discuss the formal appropriation of these areas at a meeting next month.

Cllr Ian Pritchard

A report by Cllr Ian Pritchard, deputy leader of the local authority said: “The area to be appropriated is approximately 18,605sqm in area and comprises a multi-storey car park, car showroom, garage, a pair of semi-detached houses, retail kiosks, bus station and car park and part of the council car park, all of which are held freehold by the council.

“The land is no longer required in its current use and will form part of the Friarsgate development scheme.

“It is established that the proposed development represents the best planning use for the site.”

The Friarsgate scheme was granted planning permission last month and the operator of the new seven-screen cinema has also been confirmed.

Developers hope to start work on the project in early 2017.


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3 replies on “Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet to discuss formal transfer of land for new Friarsgate development”

  1. What is the plan for the businesses near the bus station, i.e. the Freedom Cycles bike shop and the kiosk? here’s your notice sling your hook, or are LDC going to find alternative suitable premises as part of the overall development package?

  2. Formal transfer – is this selling off, or gifting?

    On a practical point. Lichfield City has no toilets, so they send people over to the bus stations toilets. I regularly see people ask.

    Maybe the council could have a word with Network Rail and get them to fix the toilets. It is an embarrassment, a number of Licjfields attractions are likely to attract older visitors, yet we have not toilets for them.

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