Cllr Philip Atkins. Pic: M Holland

The leader of Staffordshire County Council says projects such as the Liberty Park scheme in Lichfield show that the area is ready to tackle any economic issues coming from the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

The Chancellor unveiled plans to reduce corporation tax in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Cllr Philip Atkins. Pic: M Holland

Cllr Philip Atkins welcomed the move and insisted Staffordshire was in a strong position to ride any financial waves which might come in the future.

“I applaud the Chancellor’s plan to reduce corporation tax as we reassure the global business community that the UK continues to be, post Brexit, a world-leading place to invest and do business,” he said.

“Our position in Staffordshire is one of a total commitment to growing a stronger economy where people have access to more opportunities and better jobs. In recent years we have laid strong foundations to bring in major investors. We continually demonstrate our ability to deliver major projects like i54 South Staffordshire and supporting infrastructure at Liberty Park in Lichfield.

“With strong fundamentals in place, local government must continue to focus on economic growth as plans are formulated to leave the European Union. We are in far better shape to withstand any economic storm than we were in 2008, with higher employment and productivity.

“We are committed partners in the Midlands Engine for Growth – driving productivity and connectivity across our part of the country that already contributes £222 billion to the UK economy each year.”

Cllr Atkins said the Government must take the necessary steps to keep the markets steady – and urged local authorities to forge closer working links.

He said: “As we shift to a system of full business rate retention, stabilising the economy in the short term is a must.

“But collectively councils now need to work closely with Government to shape the future economic course of the country and the income streams needed to maintain the investment in infrastructure and skills that are at the heart of our long-term growth agenda.”


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3 replies on “Leader of Staffordshire County Council insists projects like Liberty Park show area is prepared for any economic challenges caused by Brexit”

  1. As a speculative development that does not yet have full planning Liberty Park must be a prime candidate for mothballing in the light of commercial property investment concerns arising as a direct result of the Brexit vote that Lichfield has recently been celebrating. And how is Friarsgate coming along? Another ten years? Careful what you wish for…

  2. If financial services can free itself of the worst excesses of EU red tape, we will have more investment than we know what to do with.

    And Friarsgate may take a while, just like the development in Mere Green, first mooted years before any mention of Brexit.

    Not very sunny for July; perhaps that’s due to Brexit, too?

  3. Let’s hope he’s right.

    Interesting comments from the boss of John Lewis, one of the UK’s leading retailers, who is also Chairman of the Greater Birmingham LEP. He is warning that the poor performance of the pound following the EU vote will have a significant impact on future commercial growth and spending.

    He rightly points out that we’re not in an economic crisis yet as a result of Brexit, but it is a possibility, and that Brexit has cauised the sort of political crisis that could have a damaging impact on the wider economy.

    Its also reported that Andy Street is considering standing for the Tory candidate as Birmingham’s elected mayor.

    It would be interesting to hear Mr Street debating such issues with a local pro-Brexit Tory – maybe someone like our MP, perhaps?

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