Diane Tilley with Cllr Eric Drinkwater on a tour of Burntwood

Labour councillors have taken the chief executive of Lichfield District Council on a tour of Burntwood in a bid to highlight some of the challenges the town faces.

Diane Tilley was shown around by Cllr Eric Drinkwater and Cllr Sue Woodward.

Diane Tilley with Cllr Eric Drinkwater on a tour of Burntwood

She was shown work which has been carried out at Sankey’s Corner and improvements organised by the Burntwood Business Group.

Cllr Woodward said: “Some months ago, I asked Diane Tilley to come and visit my Chase Terrace ward and Burntwood in general to look at some of the issues we are constantly raising with Lichfield District Council. I’m really pleased she took me up on the offer – and enjoyed the tour.

“I’ve regularly expressed my concerns at council meetings and directly to the chief executive that the council is too city-focussed with Burntwood and the rural areas around the district being an afterthought.

“This was a great opportunity to put Burntwood centre stage.”

They also visited health facilities to highlight the long-standing problems local residents face and discussed issues such as CCTV cover.

The tour also took in leisure facilities such as Chasewater and Chase Terrace Park.

Cllr Woodward added: “I’m really keen that our local councils pay far more attention to the potential of Chasewater. It’s a great asset for the town but access isn’t easy and we are yet to see its value maximised.”

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2 replies on “Labour members use tour of Burntwood with Lichfield District Council’s chief executive to highlight challenges town faces”

  1. Blonde-haired political figure in surprise tour of Burntwood!

    You never know, it could pave the way for another blonde politico to escape the confines of the Three Spired City and spend a lot more time in the hinterland.

  2. Credit to Sue Woodward and Eric Drinkwater for flying the flying the flag for Burntwood. They really have the interests of their community at heart. Nice to see Eric looking as though he just dropped out of the Next catalogue

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