Shenstone Library

A local group is set to take over the running of Shenstone Library.

It is one of eight facilities set to be handed over by Staffordshire County Council.

Shenstone Library
Shenstone Library
The Shenstone Community Group will take on the management of the library after being offered a contract.

Cllr Gill Heath, Staffordshire County Council’s Cabinet member responsible for libraries, said: “I’m very excited by the quality of the successful applications – there’s enthusiasm, experience, skills and, above all, a passion to make each library responsive to the needs of its community.

“The first phase of transfers has already been completed and the future is taking shape across the county.”

The council says the plans will “re-energise” libraries which have seen the number of people using them decline.

Groups will be supported to take over the day-to-day running of the sites, while the council will remain responsible for utility and maintenance costs.

Cllr Heath added: “The use of traditional libraries has fallen markedly in recent years, but we’re working very hard with communities to ensure they not only retain their library but have a thriving asset in their midst.

“We’ve already seen those transferred in the first phase finding their feet and are beginning to do some imaginative things.”

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7 years ago

It’s absolutely shameful that the 5th richest country on the planet won’t fund public libraries, properly staffed by full-time professionals.

But high speed rail is affordable at £50 billion+…

It’s Tory peddlers of greed and selfishness working in the interests of the elites!

7 years ago

Maybe if we stopped paying people to have babies?

7 years ago

Maybe if we paid people more to have babies and stopped letting the vast majority of the country’s wealth accumulate in a few bank accounts where it does nothing.

When you pay people having babies they then mostly go and spend that money on things the baby needs, or that their family needs, or that they need. This is a good thing because an economy needs people spending money. An economy also needs an ever increasing number of healthy children to join the workforce.

It needs to grow the workforce to pay taxes and provide services to care for the ever growing number of pexpletiveswho are reaching old age who have benefitted from living through the most prosperous and peaceful time in the ccountry’s history and for some reason resent everyone who’s life isn’t as comfortable as theirs.