Lichfield Cathedral. Pic: David Iliff
The relationship between Palestine and Israel will be the subject of a series of events and talks at Lichfield Cathedral this weekend. Leading experts will explore the different issues from October 7 to 9. The Very Revd Adrian Dorber, Dean of Lichfield, said: “The coming of the state of Israel led to immediate conflict and the hostility of surrounding Arab states. “Since 1948 the question of how Israelis and Palestinians can equitably and honourably share the land and live in mutual peace and security remains unsettled. It has led to profound hurt, huge anxiety, repeated war and insecurity for Israelis and Palestinians alike. “This weekend of events will explore how a path to lasting peace and security can be found, what we in the UK need to understand about the conflict and what the prospects are for a just peace.” Events will be held at Lichfield Cathedral and Wade Street Church. For more details visit


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4 replies on “Events at Lichfield Cathedral to focus on Israel and Palestine issues”

  1. I agree. Jesus was born to be King, he taught us to pray “Thy Kingdom come”
    The last verses in the bible tell us that Jesus is coming.
    Come Lord Jesus we so need you.

  2. It’s heartening to see the Christians out in force for a change, but the good ol’ C of E are pretty much irrelevant these days.
    The British Army’s post Second World War conflict in Palestine has pretty much ‘disappeared’. It’s vanished down the ‘memory hole’ because no one wants to remember it, or rather it is too politically sensitive to be scrutinised.There is no definitive figure for the number of British casualties; it is said that over 400 were killed or died of wounds and it took over 50 years for the actual veterans themselves to get some kind of memorial. Some claim that there were over 700 killed. Who knows? The terrorist bombing of the King David Hotel (British HQ), in 1946 which killed 91 and injured hundreds was carried out by a person who was later to become Prime Minister of Israel and the event is still celebrated to this day. As Voltaire once allegedly said,”To learn who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticise”. But I’m sure the ‘experts’ won’t be discussing none of this at the Cathedral this weekend.

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