Police have carried out an operation to check the safety of vehicles in Burntwood.

The crackdown, on October 14, saw dozens of motorists stopped.

Five vehicles and prohibition notices issued against them for faults including illegal tyres, faulty headlights or tail lights and faulty exhausts.

Three cars with low tyre tread were asked to change them for their spare tyre on the spot. A driver was also dealt with for having an expired MOT and a number of other motorists were given advice about faulty lights.

Deputy Local Policing Team Commander, Insp Rob Neeson, said: “This was the first of a number of vehicle safety operations we plan to run between now and Christmas.

“As we approach winter and driving conditions become more challenging, it’s important road users make sure their vehicles are safe and within the law.

“Vehicle owners have a responsibility to themselves and other road users to make sure their vehicle complies with the law relating to tyres, exhausts, lights etc. Anyone who doesn’t will be stopped and dealt with.”

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One reply on “Police carry out operation to check on safety of vehicles in Burntwood”

  1. Hopefully they’ll be “stopping and dealing with” the scores of vehicles travelling around the Cannock and Heath Hayes area with only one working headlight on these dark mornings. This dangerous practise seems to gain in popularity every year in these parts.

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