Cllr Sue Woodward outside Salters Meadow Health Centre

A Burntwood councillor has called for action to improve parking for patients visiting a health centre in the town.

Work on privately owned car parks near by has meant people are unable to find a space near Salters Meadow Health Centre at Sankey’s Corner.

Cllr Sue Woodward has now joined fellow Labour councillor Diane Evans to meet with NHS property manager Andy Coburn to show him the problems first hand.

Nearby car parks which have been used are currently fenced off after being resurfaced. While a lease for use by staff at the health centre is currently being negotiated, Cllr Woodward warned the situation was becoming “critical”.

Cllr Sue Woodward outside Salters Meadow Health Centre

“This is just part of a wider problem around Sankey’s Corner as people struggle to park,” she said. “But it’s particularly critical at the health centre because missed appointments have to be rearranged to allow people access to the care they need.”

According to the NHS property services, monitoring of the spaces has shown that they are being “misused”.

Cllr Woodward said the meeting was a chance to highlight the local impact of the problems.

“Parking is a problem across the whole of Sankey’s Corner as the car parks are all privately owned and restrictions have been put in place, leaving the Salters Meadow car parking exposed to vehicles being parked all day,” she said. “Local businesses are also saying that drivers leaving vehicles long stay are preventing shoppers parking and are having a negative impact on shop takings.

“Some of the solutions suggested such as an entry barrier will just add to difficulties in my view.

“Mr Coburn undertook to discuss the wider problems with the manager of Sankey’s Corner Shopping Centre to try to come up with a more sympathetic scheme rather than simply installing expensive parking systems or engaging a parking management company. In the meantime, I would urge local drivers to park more considerately and not block parking for others.”

“I have asked the whole issue of parking around Sankey’s Corner to be discussed at our next Town Deal Partnership meeting but one thing is certain – there wouldn’t be these problems if the Government hadn’t blocked the new health centres that we’ve been promised for over ten years.”


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  1. Its no better at the spires practice. We were supposed to be moving to Greenwood house, but it
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