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MP says Lichfield and Burntwood firms will see business rates fall

Businesses in Lichfield and Burntwood will see their rates fall, the area’s MP has said.

Concerns have been raised nationally about planned rate revaluations.

Michael Fabricant MP

But Michael Fabricant insists companies in this area will reap the benefits.

“Business rates will be falling in the Lichfield Parliamentary constituency,” the Conservative MP said. “This is good news for local traders – the last thing local businesses want now is increased overheads.

“On average, business in Lichfield district will see their business rates fall by 3.2%, while in East Staffordshire it will fall by just under 6%.

“From April, where there is only one pub, petrol station, post office, or general store in a village, they will generally receive 100% rate relief.

“And if rates for an individual business is set to rise, there will shortly be a quicker and cheaper way to appeal.”

Mr Fabricant’s comments come after some companies on other parts of the country revealed they faced rises of more than 175%.

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  1. John Griffin

    20th February, 2017 at 4:44 pm

    Fabricant flying one, as he cannot itemise the impact on small business or on public services where this will apply. Some big businesses will do very well, some small ones die.

  2. Agitatorofpeople

    20th February, 2017 at 11:42 pm

    Mr Fabricant obviously thinks that Lichfield has been living in a property value non inflationary bubble for the last 7 years and that the rentable value of a business premises has gone down. It will be interesting to see what actually happens in reality, and just how great the new appeal process is for those that have a problem with the new business tax rate.

    Reap the benefits?, first there was the big scare story, then “It wont be so bad” story, then the actual reality will kick in.
    Winners out of this will be operations like “Amazon” not your small business operating in a town with more than one pub and a Post Office much less likely.