Helen Fisher, Heather Tranter, Janet Eagland and Natasha Pullen

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The Conservatives say they hope to redress the gender balance in local politics after unveiling their line-up for elections in May.
Helen Fisher, Heather Tranter, Janet Eagland and Natasha Pullen
Four of the candidates standing for Staffordshire County Council seats in Lichfield and Burntwood on behalf of the party are women. Helen Fisher, Natasha Pullen and Heather Tranter have all been selected alongside Janet England, who currently serves as the council’s chairman. Three of the four will be hoping to take seats from other parties. Mike Ackroyd, who chairs the committee responsible for selecting Conservative candidates said: “Helen, Heather, Natasha and Janet have proved themselves to be effective community campaigners. “Each was selected on merit – we don’t have quotas or all-female shortlists. We want the very best councillors and I’m delighted that we are fielding such a strong team of candidates. “I wish them all the best of luck in May’s election.”


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3 replies on “Female candidates hoping to win seats for Conservatives in Staffordshire County Council elections”

  1. We already have four elected females, these four Conservatives are already elected onto Lichfield District Council:-
    Helen Fisher Cabinet Member for Tourism & Communications.
    Heather Tranter Standards Committee, Parks & Waste Management (Overview & Scrutiny) Committee Community, Housing and Health (Overview & Scrutiny) Committee.
    Janet Eagland Staffordshire Council Chairman.
    Natasha Pullen leisure, Parks & Waste Management (Overview & Scrutiny)committee & Standards Committee.
    These four could have made a real difference in the local council, fighting the side against cuts and reductions to the central government budget, put their heads above the parapet and said “No more cuts to our local services”.
    But they have not. So vote for somebody else. Somebody local who actually cares about our community its people and It’s assets and not just blindly following the dictate of Conservative Central HQ in a wild wave of cuts and sell offs.

  2. Redress the gender balance? What utter tosh. This doesn’t even redress the gender imbalance within the local Conservative party!

    The Tories currently have 3 female county counillors and 32 male. That means 9% of Tory county councillors are currently women (compared to Labour’s 61%).

    Even assuming these candidates are fighting seats currently held by male councillors, and assuming they win (and the other female councillors are re-elected) that would mean women would still only account for 17% of Tory councillors (did I mention that 61% of Labour county councillors are women?).

    More spin from a party increasingly desperate to divert voters’ gazes away from their real agenda which is continued slashing of public services.

  3. Great comments above.

    A gender is not a qualification. All elections should be ran on merit and experiences. These candidates are either:

    A) Career politicians, that only further their own interests
    B) Paper candidates, that are pushed into running “for the sake of the party”

    I ask you dear readers, please look into the attendance of Natasha Pullen. You should be shocked. A waste of a councillor’s seat.

    Helen Fisher is the typical career politician. Following the blue rules and propping herself up. Can you name any positive changes she has brought to Burntwood/ Lichfield/ Staffs

    It is sickening that these are the “best” people the party could bring forward for the upcoming election.

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