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A Burntwood councillor says residents in Hammerwich and Wall will be well represented at Westminster, regardless of which constituency they end up in.

The local Conservative Association has suggested the area should be moved into the Tamworth voting area.

It comes after the Boundary Commission revealed plans to switch the Streethay and Whittington areas into the neighbouring parliamentary constituency in a bid to even up the number of electors represented by each MP.

The original plan has been branded “nonsense” by Lichfield’s Conservative MP Michael Fabricant, while the local Green Party chairman said moving Tamworth into the Whittington area was “mindless”.

Cllr Doug Pullen

But Cllr Doug Pullen, the Conservative representative for Hammerwich and Wall on Lichfield District Council, said he was not overly concerned by changes which could see parts of the electorate voting for a different MP.

“Clearly it makes sense to keep areas with some sort of commonality together – those with a shared sense of place, history and infrastructure and employment patterns – while also striving to achieve a balance of numbers,” he said.

“However, communities aren’t in my experience bound together by parliamentary constituencies, nor by county council divisions or district council wards. They have their own multitude of intricate communities based on more than just geography.”

Christopher Pincher, the Conservative MP for Tamworth, had previously urged people to voice their opinion on any proposed changes.

But Cllr Pullen said he believed the area was in safe hands, regardless of whether it voted for a Tamworth or a Lichfield representative.

“The truth is we have excellent MPs in Michael Fabricant and Christopher Pincher and I am confident that whatever decision the Boundary Commission make, residents in Hammerwich and Wall will continue to be well represented in Westminster.”

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3 replies on “Burntwood councillor says communities in Lichfield and Burntwood aren’t bound together by voting boundaries”

  1. Did Councillor Pullen miss the meetings about that recent £138 million pound project in Whittington, that is reliant upon the services of Lichfield City and its council for it’s transport infrastucture, schools, health, recreation and community facilities?
    You know Doug, that really big military barracks with the 1100 well paid service personnel, not including their families, that do great work in the defence of this country.
    If you look out of the council office windows, you can see the new recruits getting off of the Lichfield City Train and get into the Army bus.
    Little wonder Mike Wilcox is ranting about the Lichfield councillors and their apathy.

  2. My comments were about Hammerwich, not Whittington, but just to keep clarify –

    DMS Whittington is vitally important to our economy, but I doubt that they wake up in the morning and wonder which parliamentary constituency they are in before deciding where to go and shop and spend their money.

    Council boundaries will remain the same regardless of parliamentary constituencies, so any talk of council-provided services is irrelevant.

  3. Councillor Pullen, I shall give you a scenario why the present boundaries do make a difference to the people of Whittington, Streethay, Wall and other village affected.

    A resident of Streethay or Whittington that is a user of a council run service in Lichfield due to it been the closest facility, lets say a leisure centre or a park has had an ongoing problem and the complainer feels little has been done to resolve that problem, writes to their local MP to complain but then finds it is Chris Pincher in Tamworth and not Michael Fabricant of Lichfield.

    I doubt that they would wake up in the morning and think they were part of a constituency with an MP nowhere near them in Tamworth and that their complaint about council provided services to that MP irrelevant.

    It does make a difference to the end user in Lichfield, but obviously not to a Conservative councillor fawning over the local Conservative MP’s.

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