The Right Revd Dr Michael Ipgrave

People are being urged to help make a difference to the lives of asylum seekers and refugees as part of the Bishop of Lichfield’s Lent Appeal.

The Right Revd Dr Michael Ipgrave has called on people to contribute to help the United Society Partners in the Gospel to support refugees arriving in Greece, and support the Church Urban Fund which works to help asylum seekers in the UK.

He has called on those living in the Diocese of Lichfield to give generously.

The Right Revd Dr Michael Ipgrave

The Bishop said: “As I’ve learned about past Lent Appeals, I have become so aware that they are the result of thousands of people in parishes across the diocese working together to contribute positively to the good of others, nearby and far away.

“And so I appeal to you again this year to open your hearts and wallets in generosity as we focus on the needs of refugees and asylum seekers, strangers, aliens and even angels maybe, certainly all people made in the image of God.”

Official figures show that at least 1,800 asylum seekers are housed in Government-contracted accommodation in the Lichfield Diocese area.

Bishop Michael added: “There are many encouraging examples of communities working together to welcome and help refugees and asylum seekers – but more must be done to ensure refugees and asylum seekers are treated with the dignity that every human being deserves.”

Details about the Lent Appeal and how to donate are available online.

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  1. Has this fool ever done this for the poor of England, will he open his house and church to accommodate these so called refugees, will he allow Islam to be preached in any of his churches, just another liberal who thinks about foreigners and not his own people

  2. And what would you like this representative of a dying institution, to do for you?

    I’m not sure how religious you are David, but I can only assume you’re barking up the wrong forbidden-tree here….

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