Cllr Philip Atkins. Pic: M Holland

The Chancellor’s decision to provide more money for social care has been welcomed by the leader of Staffordshire County Council.

Chancellor Philip Hammond. Pic: Patrick Tsui/FCO

Philip Hammond outlined plans to invest an additional £2billion into services across England over the next three years.

And he said long term plans to tackle the social care funding gap would be explored later in the year.

Cllr Philip Atkins, leader of Staffordshire County Council, said the Chancellor’s additional funding showed a national recognition of the scale of the issue.

“Social care is the biggest pressure facing local authorities today,” he said. “This coming financial year the county council will be spending £300million helping the vulnerable.

“This is a national issue and the Chancellor’s announcement of extra money to spend on helping the elderly out of hospital and back into their homes, including some to be spent from April onwards, is recognition that we can’t solve the problem in isolation.”

Cllr Philip Atkins. Pic: M Holland

Cllr Atkins said the county council was well positioned to help build on the Chancellor’s plans to get business booming.

“We have focused in Staffordshire on investment in physical, electronic and educational infrastructure so that new and existing businesses can thrive and prosper,” Cllr Atkins said. “The proof of the success of that policy has been unemployment rates in the county standing at one per cent or lower since 2015.

“We have £37 million earmarked for Staffordshire in the next few years to shape the skills training system and this follows a great deal of planning and consultation by the county council in recent years so our employers know they have a skilled workforce on their doorstep, while better trained workers can earn more.”


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5 replies on “Chancellor’s additional funding for social care welcomed by leader of Staffordshire County Council”

  1. This could even temporarily silence a few of the moaning minnies but I suppose it won’t be enough, or “too little too late” as their mantra goes.

  2. Rob, Central government has been short changing our local government for years, they have now realised that the statutory requirements will not be met and only now have they worked out that the numbers are not adding up.
    For a party that allegedly prides itself on it’s business acumen, they seem to have lost the ability to use a calculator.
    There are also more than just a few “Moaning Minnies” it’s Social Care, the aged, infirm and the disabled that need help.
    One thing I do know about you Rob, you aren’t getting any younger, be careful what you wish for.

  3. Not getting younger? Hmmm, I must be unique.
    This problem wasnt so great a few years ago when family units were stronger and hadn’t been systematically dismantled by leftist ideology in an attempt to make people depenedent on the state instead of their kin.
    Anyway, I promised myself not to interact with people hiding behind nom-de-plumes, glad you’ve reminded me.

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