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Leader of Lichfield District Council tells Government it needs to show commitment to localism

The Government must back up words with actions to show it is committed to localism, the leader of Lichfield District Council has warned.

The comments come after the Secretary of State overturned councillors and his own planning inspectors to approve a major new housing development in Curborough.

Lichfield District Council now intends to take the decision to a Judicial Review, which, if unsuccessful, could leave taxpayers footing a hefty bill.

But Cllr Mike Wilcox, the local authority’s leader, said a stand had to be taken.

Cllr Mike Wilcox

Cllr Mike Wilcox

“If the Government is going to make decisions regardless of the views of its own inspectors and local councillors, then our Local Plan for housing isn’t worth the paper its written on,” he said.

“The decision in Whitehall has been taken against the views of the council and even the government’s own inspectors.

“We feel that we have to take this to Judicial Review in order to avoid setting a dangerous precedent where developers can get their plans in front of key figures and get the go-ahead.

“Other neighbouring authorities have also said we have to stand up to this.”

Cllr Wilcox warned the decision-making process had left councillors dealing with the backlash of decisions that have been taken out of their hands.

“This isn’t localism at all,” he told LichfieldLive. “Decisions are being made in Whitehall and we’re facing the fallout at a local level.”

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  1. B S Westwood

    9th March, 2017 at 9:15 am

    Is this a joke?…..seriously?

    The title alone “Leader of Lichfield District Council tells Government it needs to show commitment..” shows how hypocritical and delusional our local councillors are, let alone national.

    This bloody idiot needs to get his own house in order before he goes round bothering other bodies of representatives. His own council shows little comportment to it’s own people. We’ve seen atleast 2/3 articles on the lack of attendance by councillors. And now this guy thinks he can criticise.

    We (the people) seriously need to start holding their feet to the fire.

  2. Eric.N.Drinkwater

    9th March, 2017 at 10:48 am

    Well done Mike I am glad my comments have not fell on deaf ears. Eric.N,Drinkwater